“Inside the iPhone 5” by Hassan Syyid

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The brand new iPhone 5 is even larger than the previous one, yet it’s 18% thinner, 20% lighter, and takes up 12% less volume.

It has a 4 inch retina display, so everything is bright and vivid. It has 326 pixels per inch with a pixel density so high your eye can’t even distinguish individual pixels. Since the display is now larger, you can view more of your content.

You’re probably thinking that since it’s bigger, it will be hard to hold. However, if anything changed, it should be even easier to hold. The width never changed, so you can comfortably hold it. The phone is also even lighter than the iPhone 4S.

Apple wanted to bring LTE to the iPhone, which lets you download over your cellular data network at incredible speed. This was very hard because of the space in the iPhone, so Apple decided to combine the CDMA chip (Voice and Data Chip) with the LTE chip, onto one chip, which is one of the key things that made the iPhone so much thinner. Apple has introduced the brand new A6 Chip, which enables performance that is twice the speed of the previous chip. Unnecessary, the new chip even increases the battery life of the iPhone.

The brand-new maps application has been completely reimagined. A 3D flyover mode in the satellite feature has been added. The GPS system in maps now uses turn by turn directions, so it’s easier to get wherever you need to be. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced that Apple fell short on its promises about the map application. There were many incredible new features, but some of the features weren’t made very well, including poor directions, inaccurate information and no support for public transportation.

Have you ever tried plugging in your iPod, or iPhone to the charger, and the charger didn’t connect because you were holding it upside down? No more worries, thanks to the brand new small lightning charger for the iPhone, which is reversible, so backwards and frontwards are the same thing.

You know how earphones are circular, right? But our ears themselves aren’t circular at all, so shouldn’t earphones be shaped like an ear? Well with that exact thought in mind, Apple redesigned the earphones, so they are shaped like an ear to fit inside yours.

The new Panorama feature in the iPhone’s camera software allows you to take pictures of something one shot won’t capture, by simply moving your camera through the scene. When you’re done scanning the scene, the application takes the individual photos and puts it together into a single photo. Also, in the Photos application, both Twitter and Facebook are built directly into iOS 6 so you can instantly upload pictures and videos.

Has your father or mother ever gone on a business trip, and at the hotel or inn they were staying at there was no internet, and you really missed them, and wanted to see them? Now with the iPhone 5, you can see them, because for the first time ever, Face Time can run on a cellular data network, so no matter where you are, you can use video chat.

All in all, the iPhone 5 has been completely reimagined, and has never been made with such perfection. It really is the greatest invention of its time. However, I’m sure Apple will manage to beat itself again in the end.

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