Univited Guests by Annabelle Pierce

Written by plumtree

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“Uninvited Guests”


by Annabelle Pearce


It all started yesterday when it appeared. My watch was broken and I was going to the mall later to get it fixed. But I couldn’t find it. I had left it in the basement by a little door that mom would not let me go through. (I didn’t know why until yesterday.) I had searched the whole house but still couldn’t find it.

“Mom, where is my watch I can’t find it anywhere?”

“You can find it later you need to go to the mall,” said mom.

“The reason we’re going to the mall is to fix it,” I said shaking my head.

I look again where I had left it, and there it was. But, there was something weird instead of plastic butterflies–there were plastic little gems! I was surprised. Then, I look at the door suspiciously. I knew it had something to do with this. My heart was pounding. I was sure I had seen the doorknob turn. Then I saw it! It was a furry little thing that looked like a brownie (who was as small as one, too)—with arms, legs, eyes and a mouth.

“Wh-wh-what are you?”

“ I am a brownie. Do you like your new watch?”

I nodded.

Good, I am pleased that you do“

Are you doing mental telepathy?” I say scared.

Yes. Brownies love to fix things. We also improve them. We knew you didn’t like the butterflies, so we made them in to rubies and emeralds. You like it better, no?

I tried to do telepathy back. Yes I love it. Can I see your village?

Sadly, no. You are too big. Wait, I know what to do about that. Wait right here and don’t move.

I listen to the seriousness in his voice. I decide to trust and listen to him. He comes back with some sort of potion. I drink it and suddenly I am in a huge pile of clothes. The brownie wipes out silk clothes. I put them on. Then, he leads me through the door. It was amazing there with trees, bushes, and mushroom houses. Everything you could need.

How do you fit in mushrooms?

Don’t you know we are now small?

Wow! Is that what the potion did?

Yes, is a special potion that us brownies make using our fur.

Gross! I just ate your fur. I can’t believe he fed me fur. But, then I notice we’re back at the beginning. Wait it’s over already?

Yes I can’t let you stay any longer. It’s against brownie law to let a visitor tour the grounds longer than five minutes.

I know I can’t disagree with a brownie, but I’m sad to go. I know there is nothing left to say, so I walk back to the door. When I reach it, I turn the knob, look back one more time, then leave. Once I exit the door, I return to being big. I quickly put on my normal clothes. Then, I look at the floor and there’s a note. It says, “Come back when you feel lonely. Also when something is broken leave it by the door.”




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