Bleak by Anna Colabewala

Written by plumtree

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By Anna Colabewala

          The day was grey, dull grey. Only weak rays of sunlight penetrated the thick rain clouds that had gathered overhead. To a child the clouds may look like beds for the angels, like in that Mickey Mouse movie, Fantasia. But to the old man on Boulevard Street there was nothing child-like about those clouds. He had heard the ocean rumbling and the sky thundering the night before. He knew something big was coming. His flimsy blue sweater barely covered his wrinkle, skinny arms that were propped up on a bare wooden table. Two short legs were covered in the same blue material draped over each side of the rotting, wooden chair. His knobby hands pressed against his forehead as he remembered the days when this house had been full of life and happiness, but was now as cold as the frost that rimmed the windows.


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