“The Message of Life” By: Stephen Lyons

Written by Stephano

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The Man himself lastly shows his face, filled with utter pain.

The evil hatred wind blows from all the fires burning, across what you call home.

The Man stands and screams with dying breath, “I will never give in.”

And, as the ancients had prophesied,

The Man thrust his hands to the ground as he fell,

Opening up the heavens allowing it’s gale to come out.

The evil in retreat, the heavens in despair, the last but mighty storm had come to hand.

It raged for the magic numbers of days and brought fearfulness throughout the land.

But then the Man rose, bringing the announcement, “I go and evil is done, be free.”

And with that all the lands rejoiced and that gale became a steady but peaceful flow to the Earth.

And, what say you? You say, thank you, for your life of joy would be without,

If this event had not transpired.


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