“The Person I Most Admire & Why” By: Debkanya Mitra

Written by Stephano

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From California to the New York Island, a dominant tune unites us all. This tune pieces together a nation of many fundamental ideas, by which this testimony of truths was written. United against the will of time, the flag, waving brightly was seen by a man. Just a man, one determined to serve his country to the end. His name was Francis Scott Key.
Baltimore. The harbor, the flag, where did everything go? Simply lost in history, from his words, I can picture dawn’s world. The lone sun lightened up the day, the boat resting in the water. Time coming to a standstill, then speeding up. Key was standing on a British ship, unable to get up and defend his country, so he looked into the almost endless shoreline. And all of a sudden, and the second before, the world realized itself. Realized the meaning of war, the feel of freedom, and the taste of independence. Realizing that life contrasts itself, that life is only time, transitioning from major to minor keys, but never without a tune.
How can a setback seem graceful? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll never. But there’s a beauty in everything, even if I don’t see it. When I imagine Baltimore Harbor, I overlook time and rewind the moment of pride and heal of desperation. The flag was still there, and in our hearts it still is. With everyday the flag of internal America takes another step toward heaven.
Francis Scott Key is a historical timekeeper, letting us take a short break from 21st century life and bringing us back to the foundations of our country. I admire him, for his thoughts, words, actions, and ideas. He is a role model for the people of America, and even people abroad. The people of America admire him for supporting the colonies in their fight for independence, and view him is a patriot. To people outside the US, this tune gives another dimension to the waving flag fluttering in the air, higher than every dream and every star wish. Each word enlightens their hope of a new tomorrow.
The striped, starred words have a special message for me, and every individual working for every star dotting our sky, and the horizon at dawn. Key inspires me to consider every idea, every thought and interpret every message. He inspires me to fight harder at debates, to travel the whole distance before writing, to communicate the intensity of color in grey scale sketches, and to express a whole sonata with every bow stroke. Nothing is complete, and it never will. His legacies and messages will live on, until every challenge is overcome, every dream is fulfilled, and every mission is accomplished.
The memory of Key leads the way for every American fighter to prosper, and climb up steadily towards victory. Our allegiance to this flowering country starts with his simple words.


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