“The Heroes of Cloud Town” by Sophia Modell

Written by Stephano

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Once upon a time, there was a mountain.  It looked like any other mountain; it had rough edges and a peak.  But there was one particular thing about this mountain; people lived on it.  You are probably thinking, how could people live on a mountain?  Well, there was a little cloud that hovered above the peak of this mountain.  Therefore, a town called Cloud Town was located on top of it.  It was a small town, as you could imagine. It had 360 residents, a hospital, 200 houses, 4 restaurants, 2 parks, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school.

Second Prologue


Let me tell you the story of two girls that lived on that cloud.  Their names were Sophia and Aneesha.  They were eleven years old when they discovered that the people of Cloud Town were running out of supplies.  What would they do?  Unfortunately, the creators of the town did not think about that, and they thought that they would never run out of supplies.  Well, they were wrong.


Chapter 1


Sophia entered Cloud Town Middle School for the first time.  She was very nervous, but she knew she would make new friends.  She walked to the basement and as she was opening her locker, she forced open the locker door so hard that she fell back and bumped into another new girl at school.  Her name was Aneesha.  

“Oh, I’m really sorry that I bumped into you.  It’s my first time opening a locker!”  Sophia exclaimed.

“It’s ok, I’m new here too,” replied Aneesha.

They had many classes together that day and quickly became the best of friends.  

A few weeks later, Sophia and Aneesha were walking home together and wanted to stop and buy some ice cream at the market.  Once they arrived, they noticed that the market was running out of all kinds of food.

“Aneesha, have you noticed that there is less food this week than there was last week?”  Sophia asked.

“Now that you mention it, I have noticed.  Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?”  Aneesha asked.

They bought their ice cream cones and left the market.  They go to Sophia’s house to play, but when they see that Sophia’s dog Archie is missing, they go out and start searching.  Before they know it, hours have passed by, and they suddenly end up at the EDGE OF TOWN!  

Chapter 2


Sophia and Aneesha look at each other; they are scared.  They had heard about THE EDGE so many times before, but this was the first time they had ever seen it up close!  

“Sophia, I think we should get out of here!  We shouldn’t be here,” Aneesha said with a frightened tone in her voice.

“No, let’s take a closer look.”

Aneesha and Sophia sneak up to THE EDGE and peer over; it was all foggy and they couldn’t see anything below.  They wondered if there was another city below Cloud Town.  They realized they shouldn’t be there and scurry back home knowing it was illegal to be at THE EDGE.

Chapter 3


            Two months later, the food supply decreased so much that the residents of Cloud Town had to minimize what they ate in their daily lives.  One day, Sophia and Aneesha met at the cafeteria during lunch time.  When they went to buy lunch, the only things left were rotten apples and water.

            “Aneesha, is this all there is to eat?” Sophia exclaimed.

            “I guess so.  Let’s meet up after school today, I have a plan.”

            Later that day, they meet at a secret place behind the school.  

            “I said I had a plan.  Well, I didn’t; all I know is, if we stay here we will starve to death.”

            “You’re right.  We need to go back to THE EDGE…”  Aneesha nods in agreement.

            They sneaked back to the same place near THE EDGE where they were before.  They both agree that there might be another city below Cloud Town that has food and supplies.  They look at each other, take a deep breath, hold hands, and say together, “We will try to make it.  And if we don’t, then we will have died trying.”  They jump off!


Chapter 4


Sophia and Aneesha fall and fall until they finally land in a huge field.  They look around and notice that they were still alive!  

“Aneesha, where do we go now?”  Sophia asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, but let’s head toward that house in the distance,” Aneesha replied.

When they reached the house they knocked on the door, and an old man appeared.  They told their story and he knew exactly what to do.  He told the mayor their story and the mayor convinced all the citizens to donate a box of food.  He also called all the strongest men in the town to help the girls climb the mountain with all the boxes of food.  Sophia and Aneesha thanked the mayor and started back up the mountain.


Chapter 5


Once Sophia, Aneesha, and the strong men reached Cloud Town, the whole town welcomed them back.  Because they were brave enough to be the first ones to jump off THE EDGE to find food and save the town. They were proclaimed heroes.  


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