“Deadline” by Emon Chatterji

Written by Stephano

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Yesterday was definitely the most stressful day I have ever lived through. It all started with me thinking of one assignment. This assignment was no ordinary assignment. That’s right. It was a summative assignment which I didn’t do and was carrying 30 points. Not only that, but it was due that very day.

Most people would just use their TAG time, but I had absolutely none left to spare, due to a retake. The craziest thing about the assignment, was that it was assigned from my reading class, and Mrs. Baumel never assigns any homework, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Right before class, I was thinking that everyone from every period had done their Final Story Map, and that I was the only one who hadn’t done it. After I asked some of my friends, it turned out that I was, in fact, the only person to not finish the Story Map, and that it was due that day.

So there I went feeling very guilty, depressed and annoyed at the rest of the world for being so cruel. I went into first period, and imagined that maybe Mrs. Baumel was sick that day, so that the Story Map would be due next class. That would have been amazing, but it would never happen with my luck…

So, there I went into science for my little retake. After completing it, I checked on Edline, hoping, again, for a little miracle. The miracle of my friends pulling my leg about the Story Map being due that class. They say that miracles only exist in fairy tales. They would be 100% correct. It was definitely due fifth period.

It felt like time was lagging behind, making sure it pushed my guilt to its climax point, so that I burst into a million pieces. It also felt like the rest of the world was conspiring against me. Like the rest of the world was trying to be cheerful to annoy me. Like the rest of the world was trying to depress me.

With third period over, I had to go face the blame. I couldn’t hope any further, because there was nothing to hope for. I didn’t understand why the world was being so cruel to me. After all, what had I done wrong?

There I stood, in fifth period, with Mrs. Baumel greeted at us with a little smile on her face. I looked at the board which told us what to take out. The story map wasn’t on it! I told Mrs. Baumel so, and she told me to look at the due date. It was due next class, and Edline had a little mistake.

Miracles do exist in the real world!



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