“Moonlight Mirror” by Iman Ilias

Written by plumtree

Topics: Archive (2012-2019), Uncategorized

I have a mirror in the moonlight,
That shows me not as I am but as I wish to be shown.
In my mirror I see
An elegant, self-assured beauty that stands out between everyone else.
In truth, I am a dowdy, shy one
Whom nobody notices.
I dreamt of becoming the picture perfect person I see,
Though I did not know, that that charismatic individual
Was actually someone deep down inside me.
Her face was so different,
Her smile so bright.
But her heart was just the same,
As any other less captivating yet good-hearted being.
And yes, her heart was identical to mine.
What I failed to believe,
Was that the fascinating personage in my moonlit mirror,
Was none other than myself.


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