“I am Ethan” by Ethan Tucker

Written by plumtree

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I am Ethan.
You may not see me as able or think that much about me, You may not understand about the way I learn or see.

The reasons why I am so quiet and don’t say much at all, why I am walking so mostly strange and seem so very small.

I learned a little different than others, but I am definitely able and when I type, you’ll see, I am truly very capable.

Too much loud noise, trees without leaves set me over the edge. I hate being alone; I am happy surrounded by friends.

I try to control my body but it means I can’t let myself go, I have to work hard at it; it’s an impulse I can’t control.

Rice and beans with hot sauce and jalapenos on everything I eat, Sometimes thinking of the things I’m eating can pester me.

I hear everything so loudly, it all rushes SLAMS right in, This often makes it extremely hard to dilute… everything!

“Look at me!” “Sit calmly!” and “Eat neater!” are things I can’t stand to hear, These things are always far as the salt sea dances, it’s clear.

I didn’t mean to make a mess or spill that drink again, Mom, Some things are difficult for me, so please can we remain calm?

My heart is as enormous as the sun and so bright is my smile. I really travel far to go the extra amazing mile.

My brain works differently than other guys but one thing remains true, I am really as intelligent as you.

Sometimes my body won’t do as it’s told.
Always feeling like I’m autistic definitely gets old.

Please don’t think of me as different or accept me as less, I’m just like other guys, trying to do my best.


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