“Between a ‘Bang’ and a Bright Light” By Bella Smith

Written by plumtree

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Although an individual could think they know what’s going on in loved one’s mind, at times the case could be the exact opposite.

I looked out my window, and to my surprise, it was a gorgeous day. Well, at least my definition of a gorgeous day: cold, gloomy, and rainy. After opening my blinds, I looked over at the clock on my nightstand, and the big red digits that read: 10:32 am, so I decided not to go to school that day. My parents were in Europe, I don’t even know where, so I’m here, companionless. I went to the kitchen and the pantry was as empty as branches in the winter. I decide to go to my friend Dexter’s house, first because, he always is stocked up on food and second because he got expelled from school 6 months ago, so he’s always home. We’re really good friends, maybe even best friends. I knock on his door and Dexter opens it nonchalantly while letting out a fatigued yawn. Dexter has brown bushy hair, he’s tall, at least 6’3, and he has mature face, which is why, I’m guessing, he’s getting away with not going to school. “Hey Ethan. Why aren’t you at school?” says Dexter letting out, yet, another yawn. “My parents aren’t home, they’re in Europe.” “Where in Europe?” asks Dexter, “No clue!” Laughing, we both walk into the kitchen. Dexter’s house is the most beautiful house I’ve ever been it. It’s a mansardic manor house made of stone. When you step inside you are greeted by mahogany wood and as you step on the hand crafted carpets you are enthralled by its detailed and original designs. My favorite part is, at the top of the staircase, there is this mesmerizing Tiffany glass stained window of a weeping willow tree. “So, you’re parents are gone again?” “Yeah, but I’ve gotten used to it.” That didn’t feel good to say. I don’t want to be used to my parents never being around.

I hang out at Dexter’s house until about 11 pm. “Hey, I think I’m get going, see ya later.” “Okay, bye see ya.” Dexter replied while the light from his phone was glaring onto his face. As soon as I get home I check to see if my parents have called or left any messages. Nothing. I wasn’t surprised, they only call when they need something. I take off my jeans and flannel shirt and decide to take a shower. My naturally subtle red hair has been greasy for about a week now. I pick up a jarring scratching sound, I dismiss it as “just the wind”. I put on my pajamas, crawl into bed and instantly fall asleep.

“Ethan. Ethan, wake up,” I hear a voice say. Of course I was startled, I mean, I was alone in my house. But it was strange, the voice sounded familiar, comforting even, I felt safe, free from danger. I look behind me and saw, at least 7 foot tall black silhouette of a man in a hooded cape. That’s when I really start to get scared. Not knowing what to do I ask “it” something. “Who…who are you?” “Hello Ethan, I’m David. What if I told you Ethan that you, and everyone around would disappear tomorrow?”  “I would say you’re out of your mind!” I reply, trying my best remain calm. I’m dreaming. That’s the only explanation. But it feels so real. I mean, I’ve had vivid dreams before but this; this feels much too real to be a dream. The next thing I remember is waking up to the daylight coming from my window the next morning.

A hollow feeling manifests me. What if what happened last night was real? I start to feel solitary so I go to Dexter’s house. I knock on Dexter’s door, feeling panic-stricken. “Hey, I need to tell you something.” “Are you okay?” he replies “Yes, yes, but something really weird happened to me last night. There was something in my room. It said its name was David and that I, and everyone around me, would disappear in tomorrow.” Dexter let out a chuckle, “Has it crossed your mind at all that you could’ve been dreaming?” “It was way too real to be a dream, it felt even more real than you and me right now. “I said with my voice raised. “Okay, okay. Why don’t you go home buddy, you know, get some rest. You’re overreacting. Everything will be okay. You’ll feel better by the morning.” I felt the chip on my shoulder was gone, I knew Dexter could help, he helps through anything and everything. As I walked home David didn’t cross my mind. The only things I thought about while walking home in the dark was: going back to school tomorrow and having to forge doctor’s notes. The first thing I did when I got home was check the missed calls and messages on our landline. Still nothing. Right when I turned around I saw David. Still his tall and shadowed self. I felt a chill run down my spine because, this time, I’m one hundred percent sure this is not a dream. I bolt out of my house and just ran, feeling

the crisp wind of the night hitting my freckled face. In front of me is a bare, rain slicked road, and on the right, an endless line of lampposts, each one smaller than the other. I came to a stop to catch my breath, but there David was, right in front of me. That run felt as pointless as pushing the “walk” button multiple times before crossing a street. “Stop it! Now I know this isn’t a dream! What are you? What do you want from me?” “Well Ethan, it’s not as much about what I am as it is about who I am. I am Death.” WHAT!? I’m trying to remember if I did any crazy drugs because that’s my only logical explanation for this. “I am here to take you, Ethan.” “No! No! I’m too young to die! Please don’t do this!” the only thing David said after that was: “It’ll end in between a loud bang and a bright light.” BANG! When I saw the light, I knew what happened. I was gone.

What was strange was that I only found out what I died form after I had actually, you know, died. I had shot myself, but I don’t even remember doing it and the thought never had crossed my mind. Now Dexter thinks my death is his fault, but it’s not, and I wish, so badly, that I could tell him that. As Dexter came home from his first day at his new school, he heard a scratching noise, but dismissed it. Without turning around Dexter heard a voice from behind him “Hello Dexter, I’m David. What if I told you Dexter that you, and everyone around would disappear tomorrow?”



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