“Parallel” By Rohil Raofield

Written by plumtree

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The story I am about to tell you is long forgotten, lost in the far edges of our universe and many others too. Pieces scattered across an infinite amount of space and time. No Exaggeration. Yes, we are talking about alternate universes. For many years to come, scientists will still argue, bicker, and hypothesize about this theory. But did you know that quadrillions of years ago, way before the creation of this universe, there was another race of humans, identical in every way. It may seem crazy that another race of humans existed before the first drop of matter. But, remember that we are not the only universe. Others were created before us, some even without matter. Worlds with amazing sights and mind boggling plants and animals, others teeming with evil and crawling with monsters. But our story starts in a universe of balance, a universe of prosperity. We will be viewing it through the mind of a small child, a human child. His name is Jay and he is part of the first expedition to the edge of the universe. Now, before I send you into the mind of this young 5-year-old child I want you to open your mind. All of space and time contains infinite possibilities, you will not

experience the full depth of this tale of bravery and fear if you keep your mind closed. Now prepare yourself for I will be leaving you in the hands of Jay. He will guide you through this adventure. Now open your mind and succumb to your imagination…

“All passengers get to a life boat immediately. I repeat, all passengers get to a life boat immediately.” That was all that Jay could hear as his father pulled him down a long corridor. “Come on Jay, we have to keep moving” his father said. People swarmed around them, yelling and running. Alarms blared and red lights flashed all around Jay. All he wanted to do was fall asleep. He did not see what the big deal was, if anything, the lights interested him. “Hurry Jay” muttered his father. Jay and his father turned around a corner and entered a much larger hallway. Men in bright orange suits were ushering people towards small pods until they were crammed full. This looked extremely uncomfortable to Jay, and he would much rather stop to get a closer look at some of the funny men in the orange suits. His father led him to the end of a line of people to wait to get into one of the pods. Soon enough they were at the front of the line. Suddenly, there was

screaming behind them and people pushing to move in the opposite direction. Jay looked around and saw tall metal men with red eyes walking towards them. They held long blue sharpened poles. They were swiping at people and making them fall. Jay saw nothing interesting about these men besides how strongly they gave him the urge to run and hide. His father yanked him forward as the metal men moved closer. Jay suddenly felt his fathers hand slip away from his. He looked around and behind him he saw his father lying on the ground, tripped by the crowd. Over and over his father screamed Jays name, telling him to wait. But as hard as he tried to stay put, the crowd pushed him back the other way. His father disappeared into a sea of people.

He had nowhere to go but forward. People pushed him around and slammed him into a wall. Someone slammed their foot into his stomach and he crumpled up into a ball. He heard more screaming and a voice cry “The other way! They are coming the other way!” Jay continued to huddle up against the wall. Soon the sound of swishing and thumping became clearer and clearer. The screams died and all he

could hear was the thumping of heavy boots. He peaked out from behind his hands and saw the metal men. People lay on the ground around them with red marks across their bodies. One metal man spoke, “Have you dismantled all the escape pods?”

Another voice replied, “Yes Sir.”

“So they are all dead?” came the first voice.

The second voice repeated “Yes Sir.” Then out of the corner of his eye Jay saw a flash of grey. He looked up and saw red eyes.

“We have a live one over here, a small little one,” the humanoid said. Jay stumbled to his feet. The man pulled out one of the blue poles. Startled, Jay walked backwards. He tripped over something and fell into one of the pods. A door with a glass window lowered down, blocking the man from getting Jay. The man slashed at the door with his pole. “No” said Jay, and with that he was thrown back. He heard the deafening roar of engines. When he looked up, the man was gone. Instead he saw the big space ship he was on. He was flying away from it, away from his father. Suddenly the whole pod rumbled. “Prepare for warp jump.” Came a voice. Jay remembered hearing something from his father about this. It made a ship go faster, taking him in the opposite

direction of the big ship. The pod shook one last time before it lurched and the light from the stars him bent around him. “No, No, No,” he whispered. “Go back.” But the pod continued to fly away from the ship. Jay sobbed and lay on the floor. How would he ever reach his father now? After some time he dozed off. He was exhausted, confused, and he needed rest.


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