“101 Years” by Chloe Eisenberg

Written by plumtree

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First off a loud stiff voice starts expressing their voice throughout the Red eye on the speakers, and says this. “Hello, My name is… well i don’t have a name, but you can just call me Amy from now on. I guess you could call me your personal assistant. As we like to say on the Red Eye, Your wish is my command!” Said a Robot figure that had a very monotone voice. As Jennifer opened her eyes slowly she heard this robotic voice talk to her. I guess you could say it sounded very stiff and boring. Jennifer, with it being very hard to see, stood up wobbling around feeling dazed and confused. She had no clue what was going on or where she was. Jennifer has long straight blonde hair and has big beautiful hazel eyes. She is wearing denim shorts, with a gray tank top, with a cutout in the back. Jennifer was trying to think why she was here but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Then, she started to walk around but fell to the floor.  As she lies on the floor she sees a glass window above her on the ceiling and realizes she is in space. This just makes her loopier. She looks around and she sees a bunch of pods and capsules that look about human size. The room she is in is very bright. Everything is white. The halls look like they go on forever. She is not used to the energy and gravity up here in space. She gets carried to her bunk by 3 flying mini robot machines. She gets a good 4 hours of sleep. Jennifer wakes up and she doesn’t feel loopy anymore. She can stand up right and feels well rested and healthy.

Then once, Jennifer can actually figure out what’s going on and why she is here, she starts to freak out. She runs all over the white hallways, it looks likes she is getting lost. She goes to these robotic machines all over the Red Eye to try and find out when or if she will return back to earth and they all say… 101 years until they return. She starts to panic and suddenly she gets a rush of air pass through her body, she starts to feel panicked again, her eyesight has been compromised.

To put it another way…She starts to get sweaty and she faints to the ground hitting her head on a button on a table that opens a door. She wakes up. She screams as loud as she can because no one could possibly hear her, nobody is here. “AAAHHHHHHHH”.  

Jennifer felt satisfied because she got to release some stress. She hadn’t been able to express herself her whole life, because no one in the world would listen to her. In a way she kind of felt happy to be on this ship… lonely and isolated.

After her scream, she goes to the lounge to get some water and she sees a short Hispanic woman sitting at a bar having a drink. She has short dark brown hair, and she is wearing a black pencil shirt, with white heels, and a light blue blouse. Jennifer goes up to her and hugs her. Jennifer breaks into a small cry thinking to herself that she would be on this ship forever not knowing how she would survive or get out. She also sees a man sitting across the room reading a New Times magazine. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, he seems very tall about 6 2”. She feels reassured now. She knows now she won’t die. The woman turns around and looks very confused. She thinks that this girl has a mental problem or something. She starts to be polite to Jennifer, and tries to see what is wrong with her before she screams. “Ummm… excuse me but what are you doing?”

Jennifer is in such shock to see another human with her, she can’t talk. The room is silent. It was as silent as if no one was even in the room. As soon as Jennifer starts to speak they all hear this “Crash, boom, bang, pop, swoosh, and swirl.” All three go running, and it sounds like it is coming from captain’s place. The reactor has gone bazaar, it was shooting spaces oxygen out of it, into the Redeye.

All the sudden the captain drops to the floor, Jennifer screams, and she and the man take her to the infirmary. They run a body scan as fast as they can before the whole ship is filled with the unstable air, and gravity. She has no blood flow left in her. They have to watch the captain die right there in front of each other’s face. They don’t have time to watch this.  Running towards the astronaut lab, the gravity force gets stronger. They do not know what to do, all they can do is try to go in the captain’s rooms. They have to get to the reactor in time before the temperature reaches above 112 degrees, or else their suits will disintegrate and they will both die. The stakes are as high like when your football team is in the super bowl. They pushed our way through the doors, and she went out into space to push the reactor back in place.

Jennifer would go out into space and he would wait until the reactor was in place then hit the release button. If he hits it sooner the reactor forces would get stronger and we would both die. He was so hot inside he felt as if he was a blazing fire. He was struggling so hard not to press any buttons because the unbalanced gravitational forces were pushing him all around the room. And what do you know he hits the button. The forces started getting stronger and stronger. Jennifer and the man have seconds before their time together is up. She tries to get back inside before the forces shut the doors, but when she turns around they are closed. They both go to the glass window separating them, and they both experience watching the other person’s eyes closing as they both slowly are dying.


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