“NIGHT SURFING” By Gracie Esherick

Written by plumtree

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The five teenagers ran into the water that had orange haze from the sun setting. The sky was a mixture of pink and orange, like someone had smeared the two colors together. The teenagers, Rebecca, Kayla, Bella, Nathan and Ryan all ran into the water with their surfboards in hand. Even though they were in Kauai, Hawaii, there was no one in the water but them. Not a single boat or voice was heard.

Rebecca, with long brown hair was very small compared to her board. She was trying to avoid talking to Bella. Bella had long brown hair and was quite tall. She and Rebecca had been friends since they could remember but they got into a fight when Bella had lied to Rebecca. Kayla, Rebecca’s best friend had light brown hair and was trying not to get in the middle of it like Nathan and Ryan who were twins, they were tall and had short brown hair.

The teens had planned to go night surfing. The sun was still setting but Ryan and Rebecca decided to try to catch a wave anyway. The two paddled far out, seeing a wave that they both liked. They wanted to race to see who would get it. They turned around, gripped their boards and then started paddling. Rebecca stood, almost losing her balance but regained it. Ryan got up right away like the professional he was, and started to surf the wave with Rebecca. While surfing they both crashed into each other, both of them falling down. They both resurfaced right away and went back to the group, laughing. When they made it back, the sun had set and it was dark.

“Who wants to get the first wave?” asked Nathan with a smirk.

“I just got done, I need a rest,” Rebecca said laughing.

“I’ll go!” exclaimed Bella.

Bella started paddling away, she hadn’t gotten far when Rebecca thought she saw something in the water. In the almost black water, there was a glint of something silver.

“Stop!” yelled Rebecca.

The group looked at her like she was crazy.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan worriedly asked her.

“I saw something in the water,” she said, still shook.

“It was probably your imagination,” scoffed Bella, angry for missing her wave.

“I swear I saw it though!” Rebecca said frustrated.

“Ok, ok. Becca I believe you it’s ok. It’s probably gone now” said Ryan soothingly.

Bella saw another wave and began paddling. Rebecca was through with this. She knew that they didn’t believe her. When she was about to start paddling, she heard a scream.

“Shark!” screamed Bella at the top of her lungs.

“Everyone take your limbs out of the water now!” screamed Nathan.

They all did as they were told. Rebecca couldn’t believe this. She could’ve almost been back. She could’ve been away from the shark.

“I’m not going to die,” Rebecca thought “I’m going to stay alive and be back with my family by tonight.

The shark swims over to Rebecca. You could see its outline in the water. The shark goes underneath her board, and knocks her into the water. Everyone screams. But the shark, surprisingly does not go for Rebecca. Ryan pulls Rebecca onto his board. The shark circles the five friends and goes under Bella’s board, knocking her into the water as well. This time though, the shark does not leave her alone. The shark bites Bella’s leg. Bella screams out in pain, while the water around her turns deep red, like someone spilled red food dye. Everyone was shocked. Nathan quickly pulls Bella onto his board. She is losing a lot of blood. Nathan takes off his swim shirt and wraps it around her leg tightly, it instantly is turned from its original white to red. Rebecca is scared, she does not want Bella to die thinking that she hates her. She wants to forgive and forget.

“Ryan! Give me your shirt she’s losing a lot of blood,” screamed Nathan.

Ryan quickly takes off his shirt, throwing it to Nathan who does the same thing as he did last time.

“The bite’s deep,” thought Nathan, “We need to get out of here”.

“Guys what are we going to do?” Kayla said.

“The shores too far away,” Ryan said.

“We need a boat to come,” said Rebecca.

“Before the shark does anything else, we need to leave now,” says Nathan.

Bella keeps dozing off, while Nathan keeps waking her up. She’s losing a lot of blood and has soaked through both of the shirts. Rebecca thinks she sees a light.

“Did you guys see that?” she asks.

“See what?” asks Kayla.

Rebecca looks behind her where the light was coming from and squints, seeing a boat far into the distance.

“Guys! There’s a boat! It’s too far to start yelling though. Maybe we can start waving?”

Nathan, Kayla and Ryan immediately stand up, flailing their arms.  The boat honks, letting them know that it sees them. The group cheers, immediately filled with relief. The boat gets closer, they hadn’t seen the shark in a while. The group gets onto the boat, helping Bella on and explaining to the crew what happened to them. They got back onto the beach, calling 911 right away. Rebecca goes up to Bella and tells her how happy she is that she is ok, and that she forgives her. Bella is relieved to have her friend back and Rebecca is just happy her friend is ok.

“I don’t think we’re going surfing for a while guys,” says Bella laughing.



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