“911, What is Your Emergency?” By Sarah Tong

Written by plumtree

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Each morning, I wake up to the amiable smell of bacon and pancakes. Hearing the calming sound of music faintly playing from my mom’s speaker as she works on my breakfast.  This morning, I woke up to something different. Everything was silent. I didn’t smell anything and I didn’t hear anything.  Confused, I slowly sit up and get out of bed. I think to myself, “She probably just slept through her alarm since she was so tired.” Not thinking much of it, I walk into my bathroom and start to get ready. I brush through my tangled dark hair and wash my tired face with the refreshing cold water.

30 minutes later, I open my bathroom door and I can sense that something is different deep in my gut. Panicking, I quickly unplug my phone from my nightstand and open my bedroom door to head downstairs. As I touched the black doorknob of my bedroom door, thousands of thoughts race through my head. Being a normal curious teenager, I have watched many terrifying horror videos that haunt me whenever I am scared. Just like the devil always ready for attack. Horrendous scenes from movies, horror stories, TV show mysteries, terrifying YouTube videos . . .  Silently, I pray that everything would be okay. I open the door and start to walk down the stairs. As I became closer and closer to the end of the staircase, I realize that my mom was not in the kitchen. Racing back up, I head towards the master bedroom, thinking that maybe just maybe that she would be there.

With my heart pounding, mind racing, and cold sweat forming on my forehead, I put together enough courage to open the bedroom door. Begging that she would just be there, in bed. As I peeked through the minuscule crack of the open door, I couldn’t see anyone. There was a bed that was perfectly made, not a single bump showed. Nobody was there. “No.” Racing out, I looked in the bathroom, closet, study room, guest room, basement, and all the rooms in the entire house. Nobody was there. In that moment, my whole body felt like a snowstorm. I was as dizzy as a shaken snow globe and my mind was as blank as a paper. Walking back to my room, I sit down on my turquoise sofa and try to think. With my phone buzzing in my hand, I decided to text my friends. Pulling up our group chat, I started to type.  

“I know that this sounds really weird and crazy, but u gotta believe me k?” I typed.

“Spill it out b.” My friends responded.

“Okay so this morning, when I woke up, my parents were not here. They disappeared.” I typed.

“HA is this another one of ur jokes? Quit it.” They replied. Those words shook me. How could my best friends do that to me? After all the things that we’ve been through? HOW? I shook my head and decided to call 911. As I dialed 911, I thought of all the memories my mom and I shared. All the things that she had done for me and how I had never really appreciated her. I thought of all the times that I wished that she would just disappear and how now that it had really happened, all I wanted was that it would stop.

“This is 911 what is your emergency?” the lady on the other end of the phone calmly spoke.

“Um, I think my mom just disappeared. I woke up this morning, and she wasn’t there. I really need her, please!” tears started to form in my watery eyes and I spoke these words.  As if I had earbuds shoved in my ears, I couldn’t hear a single word the lady was saying. But all of a sudden, I heard a voice. A sweet, soothing, simple voice. “Oh my gosh, honey get out of bed!

You’re gonna be late!”



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