“Dream” By David McCrystal

Written by plumtree

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Walking home from school was always uneventful. I live in a neighborhood right next to school, so I only take a few minutes to get home. There are always birds chirping and dogs barking and somebody mowing their lawn but to my surprise none of that was happening today. Worried I jogged quickly back to my house and ran in the door. The door came flying open and hit the wall and my mom, who was sitting at the counter, screamed.

“Brandon what on earth caused you to scare me like this.” Yep I’m Brandon, I’m in the 10th grade at greenwood high school and live with my mom in a small house close to the school. I’m a jockey kid on the soccer team but still get good grades. I’m 6 1’ and have short brown hair and blue eyes.

“I’m sorry mom but something seemed off today and I hurried home to make sure you were ok”

“What do you mean something seemed off sweetie?”

“Well there was no sound, there was an eerie silence while walking home from school.”

“Well silly that’s probably because it’s going to be fall soon and it’s getting cold, there are no more kids playing outside or people washing their cars. I’m just surprised that the silence scared you”

“Oh, ok mom,” I said at last, “that makes much more sense.” But the thought hung over me throughout dinner. The silence was complete outside. No voices from inside the houses and rolling of trash barrels, it was the middle of the day, where was everyone. But as we finished dinner I went upstairs, finished my homework, and got ready for bed. To sleep I went without thinking of the eerie silence of earlier today.

Waking up for me was always easy, rolling out of bed, throwing on some clothes, and then going downstairs for breakfast. But today felt unusual when I couldn’t effortlessly roll out of my bed. So I slowly got up and stood and looked around. The surprise was like waves falling over me as I realized I was not in my room. It seemed to be a dark small cabin of sorts that you would see at a sleepaway camp with an all wood finished inside. I noticed that I was still in my pajamas but in the corner of the room was a uniform with my initials pressed into it. I decided I would put on the clothes and walk outside. Because I walked outside after being in the dark I was blinded by the bright sun. Then I noticed the strangest thing yet, my vision cleared and there were hundreds of identical cabins to mine in this giant field that I was standing. Along with them was a boy or girl outside of it in ranges of ages that seemed rather close to mine. Everybody seemed as dazed and confused as me and before anybody could say anything something happened.

“HELLO,” yelled a voice from what sounded like a megaphone, “AND WELCOME TO THE LOBBY!” confused we stood there looking around until the voice spoke again “You all must be a little confused so I will explain. You have been pulled from you daily lives, or really from your sleep, to save the world.” No body moved or really said anything, we were in awe of this strange moment. A scruffy, jittery kid towards the middle of the group laughed.

“This is the weirdest dream ever,” he blurted out in disbelief.  

“I’m afraid this is no dream William,” the voice explained, “In fact the earth and everyone on it is in great danger and it is up to you to save it.”

The boy, apparently William, froze at the mention of his name. “That’s the cheesiest most fake line I’ve ever heard, who are you and why are we hear?”

“I’m sorry William but it’s true, and if you must know, I am the decider and I have chosen you and everyone around to participate in this special task force to fend off an invasion. You will have to defend for yourselves against the horde and then close the portal. Once this is done we will return you back to your normal lives. But if you fail the world will face the full strength of these unknown creatures. Good luck and use your weapons wisely.”

At that the entire setting around us changed into a dark endless landscape. I noticed that a strange assortment of weapons had appeared around my waist and I picked the first one out, It appeared to be a sort of laser rifle. As I examined it a countdown started and a light grew behind us. A blue swirling portal erupted open.

We stood there as the portal swirled and roared angrily, yet nothing happened. Eventually the portal started to flicker and we all stirred uneasily, almost all of us figured it was a good idea to pull out our weapons. The portal disappeared for half a second before it came back even bigger. People screamed as black creatures started running out of it. My first instinct was to aim and shoot as these flashing figures ran towards me. They disintegrated as my shot hit home but for many others they were not as lucky. These creatures tore through them as they fell to the ground. Next the group started to fall backwards, people firing at these strange creatures trying to save their lives. The creatures flow through the portal did not slow down, they kept coming as we shot them down. Their running was endless. Bizarre black beasts brigaded our defensive line. By this point only the strongest in the group where standing, yet even them began to fall under this exhausting assault. I looked around me and it seemed like it was hopeless. All of a sudden the deciders voice came back to me, You will have to defend for yourselves against the horde and then close the portal. He had said nothing about defeating the horde only closing the portal. As this thought came to me a ball appeared at my belt with a button on it. I looked around at our small defense crumbling before me. All things considered I ran forward firing my gun like a madman, a chicken with its head cut off. Monsters swarmed me as I pressed the button and lobbed the ball at the portal. BOOM! Everything went white.

I woke up in a sweat and looked around at my same old boring room. Nothing had changed everything was the same. Dreams you barely remember but last night was a vision of fire in my mind.

Life was back to normal and no one believed my “dream.” But inside the truth was held, I helped save the world from a crazy alien invasion.



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