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By Dani Klein

Is there anything sweeter than the voices of children?

Such songs shine through snow like pale seashells on beaches.

Through blizzards and thunder there’s one star that’s shining

The smile of a child whose small hand is reaching

A smile may make a dark day feel lighter

A smile may make a coward a fighter

Stand without fear and your fear shall not show

Others can make you feel more than you know

If our voices could tie knots

By Dani Klein

Sit and


And watch and

Hear the voices they will sound

In the darkness

And in the light.



They will listen if you tell them

If our voices could tie knots

We would make a rope

So we could sing our way to heaven

If my shoes could sing

By Dani Klein

If my shoes could sing

They should scream

Their soles are worn and laces ripped

They should shout with glee I

Fly through the city

I pound and sprint and lift off the ground

My feet

Are moving fast

You may not see them

See me go

If they should sing I should


Secrets, Secrets

By Dani Klein

Secrets, Secrets

Are no


How can you have


when you are being torn apart?

Your lips are

as open as ever

while also shut


Good people hate secrets

They attack you inside and

leave scars

The bad ones don’t

even know that they are filled

With lies


By Dani Klein

And you dance

Across the room

You lift your

arms to the sun

And spin

And spin

And you spin

The earth and

the earth spins the sun and

the sun spins the moon and

the moon spins you

and you



By Dani Klein

Wind will

push and it

will hurt and

wind will push and wind

will scream

and you will cry and

you will cry

because it will hurt

and it will not


because it is

the wind.


By Dani Klein

On the phone I can hear you but

I cannot feel you

on the phone I cannot touch you

On the phone I cannot see you

But you

are miles and miles away so please

pick up the phone


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