“School Rules!” By Justin Wan

People say school is cruel
But I think it is quite cool
Everyday they wait
But I want to leave late

With teachers to talk to
While kids are like boo hoo
I think school is cool

Some say it’s boring
While I find it adoring
Where I can keep exploring
When others are just ignoring

School is cool
But others just drool
Some can’t stay awake
When I don’t need a break

Everyday I’m ready
Where others are unsteady
Grades can be merciless
But only if there’s carelessness
School Rules!


“Birthday Everyday!” By Justin Wan

I wish I had birthday every day of the year
I wish I had a birthday that was extra queer
From a flying ship to a rainbow zip
I would wonder and wish
But I would like a birthday everyday
As the time would tick, tock, and swish
When time passes by it just flies away
It’s a mere once a year
Where nothing is wrong
With cheers and root beer
But there are no jeers or boos to make you blue
All cheery and happy
No people who are sappy
The most wonderful wish of them all
Is a birthday for every day to celebrate
Instead of fights and brawls
There’s no wait to have fun and be great
I wonder if I could have a birthday everyday
I just wish I could have a birthday everyday