“The Alpha” by Christina Xiong

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“The Alpha”
by Christina Xiong

A hazelnut brown deer pranced around in the quiet melody of the forest, the golden sky glistened above the sweet green trees. A man stood in the open with a rifle in his hands aiming straight at the deer. The deer continued to eat the lush grass, not noticing the man with the rifle. The man took a step crunch! The deer turned and looked him in the eye as it began to run.

“Get back here!” the man shouted, pulling the trigger in a misleading direction, the bullet taking a spiral into the opposite direction while the man tripped over a branch. Ivory black ravens flew from the trees, screeching their lonely cry and a faint scream was heard from a distance. The tall man pushed himself up from the ground, dirt clinging to his pants, shirt, and hair. He ran toward the sound of the scream, searching for the source. He spun around in a hurry to find a little girl lying down on the ground.

“It’s fine little girl! You don’t have to be afraid of a gunshot, don’t you know the forest is full of hunters these days?”

The man smiled as he moved toward the little girl, who laid on the ground, without moving. “Little girl, please talk.”

Sweat began to trickle down his neck and a chill was sent down his spine. His face grew with an expression of fright and terror as he looked at the puddle of blood that splattered over her blue dress and seeped into the ground around her. Her eyes were crystal blue and lifeless, her soft skin felt cold, her whole body limped on the ground, motionless. “De…de…dead?” the man stuttered, his voice was crooked and broken. The blue eyed girl looked at him with those misty eyes that were stuck in his head, forever. The thought, that he had just killed a little girl, flowed through his body, sending chills and panic everywhere. Run. His long legs ran as fast as a leaf traveling down a rapid stream. Run. Ka-ta, ka-ta, as the leaves crunched under the flying feet. All he could think about was running, as the town was coming in view. His frantic eyes drew left to right, left to right. He felt as if a presence or spirit was watching him, or maybe the Devil. He began his run again as sweat covered him.
The markets were busy today as people walked along the road, the carts were pulled up and down with fruits and exotic foreign items, as people talked and bought. Through the crowds, he ran, people turned to look at him, with disgust written across their faces. His rifle hung to his side, bumping around at a steady pace.

Instantly, in a flash, a silver object flew across the sky and struck the man’s arm. It stood strong and firm as blood gushed out of the open wound. The crowd grew around him as confusion spread. Whoever had been there was gone but left one clue for the man. Slowly he grabbed the knife and pulled it out, blood dripped as he gritted his teeth with intense pressure. A lady from a clothes shop ran out quickly with some mauve cloth which she handed to a man who began to help wrap his wound.

“Who would attack the mayor’s son?” a lady asked.

“Richard, are you ok?” a man asked. Richard turned and looked at the wrapped wound as someone handed him the silver knife which was stained in blood.

“Oh no!” a woman gasped. Others stood and watched in shock. Richard took the knife and turned it around to see a symbol. It was an “A” with a sword crossed through it. But this symbol wasn’t just any symbol, it was the symbol of the Alpha.

“Why’s the Alpha after the mayor’s son?” the crowded turn and looked at Richard.

“I don’t know,” he whispered, as the face of the little girl flashed in his head.

“Were you running away from him?” a man asked.

“Does he want your money?” another asked.

When Richard got up and he looked at the confused muttering crowd, “What if he’s here to kill us all!” an old man shouted.

“We should tell the police immediately!” a man cried. The police, Richard knew what would happen if the police got involved, just the thought of it sent the little girl’s blood drained body and cold pale face into his bewildered head.

“Everyone calm down!” Richard’s voice rang in everyone’s ear as they turned to look at the young man.

“I’ll tell my father about this and we’ll will improve protection around the town, but tonight, he might strike, so men, get your guns ready and protect your families!” The crowd cheered and one by one rushed off, leaving Richard to walk off along the small narrow road.


The rain casted across the stormy night as thunder roared in the silence. The street was damp and large puddles formed on the ground. Bu-bump! Bu-bump! A man in a heavy black coat rushed down the bumpy road of uneven rocks, passing the small plump townhouses. He panted as he reached the front of a brick house with a pointed roof and a tall, lean structure. He reached out his hand and gently knocked on the door.

The door opened, “Richard why did you come?” a man in a green sweater and tan pants asked.

“I was attacked, by the Alpha,” Richard replied with a sorrowful look.

“The Alpha?” the man looked back aghast. Richard nodded as the doctor welcomed him in. “Can I see the wound?” he asked.

As Richard lifted his sleeve to reveal the wrapped wound, suddenly there was a knock on the door, a heavy loud knock. “P-please wait!” the doctor said with a stutter. As soon as the doctor finished his sentence, the door burst open.

“I’m afraid I don’t have time for that.” A man walked in, he wore a black wolf’s head covering his eyes as the rest of the wolf dropped down like a cape around his furred clothing. His evil grin spread out across his face like a demon, sending a chill in the room. Richard jumped up, the wrappings on his wound fell off as the wound dripped with velvet blood.

“Run, run, run . . . HAHAHA! That’s all you can and will ever do!” The man started to draw closer to Richard. Lightning flashed from behind the man, the light piercing through the room. “A man shouldn’t hunt if he can’t tell the difference between a deer and a little girl.” The man’s voice was rough and angry as it echoed through the room.

“I . . . I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was her.” Richard’s stomach began to tangle and throw itself around while his head ached and his whole body began swell as the wound continued to bleed.
“Some say an eye for an eye but I say a life for a life!” In an instant, as fast as sound itself, a knife pierced through Richard’s heart and blood splattered everywhere. Richard’s soulless body fell into the night’s cold end.

The man stepped on the lifeless piece of flesh as he approached the doctor. His hand reached out with a folded piece of paper at the doctor’s direction. The doctor flinched at the large hand as he reached out his, shaking one, grabbing the folded piece of paper. He turned to look at the body, and the rifle that laid next to it. A tear streaked down his wet cheek. With massive strength, he grabbed the rifle and contorted it in half. A loud metallic sound filled the room when the pieces landed and the man ran into the dark tempestuous night. The doctor looked down at paper, “This won’t be the last time we meet. – Alpha.”


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