“The Avengers” by Sabine Ocana  

Written by plumtree

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“I don’t want to ruin your moment, but you two against a whole army of Frost Giants seems a little unbalanced,” said Fury.

“He is right,” said Sabine. “It would be 1000 to 2.”

“Luckily for you,” continued Fury, “I have a couple people in mind.”

They all went back to the control room, as Fury took out 3 files.

“Here are the three people who will make our team complete,” he started. “First, there is Captain America. He has gone into battle before and is a great warrior,” said Fury. “We can trust him. His true name is Steve Rogers. Second, Hulk, he is not known by everyone. He is mostly known as a scientist. he has incredible force, which turns him green if he is mad. He can destroy anything. He is as strong as ten men and as long as we don’t get to his nerves, we can work with him. His real name is Bruce Banner. Last is Iron Man. I don’t personally know him, but I knew his father. He is a very intelligent man with great fighting skills. Sabine, I know you will not like working with him, but his is indispensable for the team. His real name is Tony Stark.”

“The billionaire. The one that thinks he is a god. The one I hate more than anything in the world?” asked Sabine.

“The one and only,” said Fury.

“I’ll be fine. I will finally get a chance to tell him how I feel about him, and in person. How will we get them to meet us?” asked Sabine.

“I have texted each and one of them to meet us in that building. We got on all those years ago, do you remember, Sabine?”

“Of course, I remember that is where we first got into the Helicarrier and I met Phil,” said Sabine.

“Exactly Sabine. And Phil is exactly who will be waiting for them at the building.”

“Shall we go?” asked Fury to Sabine and Thor. Sabine nodded her head.

Thor said, “Of course, but just a question. What is ‘texted’?” he asked.

“Oh god,” said Sabine covering her face. “We will explain to you later.”

Fury then took control and started flying towards the building.

As they landed on top, Sabine opened the ramped and said, “And that is a full explanation of texting. Do you get it now?” she asked.

“No, and what is a phone?”

“Ahh, never mind, you’ll never get it,” said Sabine.

As the three of them walked off the ramp, they saw Phil standing in front of three men. Sabine ran off the ramp and hugged Phil very tightly.

“Phil, I haven’t seen you in ages, not since Fury went to New York and you had to babysit me.”

“Ha, I remember that. It really was a pain in the neck, you were as annoying as a little kid, just kidding. I missed you too Sabine, but you were actually so anxious, it was really cute,” said Phil.

“Here are the new recruits,” said Phil to Sabine and Fury pointed to the 3 men. “Good afternoon everyone, my name is Fury, and I am the chief of the organization that called you. This is Sabine, another member of our organization,” he added as Sabine raised her hand. “And this is Thor,” he continued pointing to Thor. “He is the brother of the guy, Loki, who is in charge of the army we will fight.” He started introducing the men to Sabine. Since they are lined up, he starts with the one on the far right.

“Sabine, this is Bruce Banner, also known as Hulk.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Banner,” said Sabine as she shook his hand.

“Please, you can call me Bruce.”

“This is Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America,” said Fury.

“Very nice to meet you,” said Sabine.

Finally, they arrived to the last of the three men, who stood there as if he is the owner of the world. Fury then said, “And here is Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Stark,” she said barely looking at him.

“Oh please, call me Tony, Love” said Tony.

“Sure,” said Sabine in a sarcastic voice, “Just don’t call me Love.”

Fury and Sabine walked back in front of the three men and Fury said, “Please follow us back inside.” When they were all inside, Sabine closed the ramp and Fury took control of the ship. He raised in altitude until they were a little above the clouds, then he put the ship in automatic mode.

“According to what we know, Loki is going to attack Earth with his army of Frost Giants,” started Fury. “His goal is to destroy Earth with his army so he can hurt Thor, since he loves the planet very much. Loki then plans on destroying Thor. We are not going to let either of them happen. For that, we need to stop Loki. To stop Loki from coming to Earth, we need to get his staff. His staff is what teleports him. All we need to do is be ready when Loki attacks. Any idea where that might be and when Thor?” asked Fury.

Thor then said, “Well, he would start in a big place, where there is a lot of people and a lot of buildings to destroy.”

“The only place I can think of is in DC in front of my building,” said Tony.

“Why are you always so selfish?” said Sabine.

“No, Sabine, he actually makes a point. DC is where Loki has made an appearance before and that is the perfect place to do that, in front of Stark’s building,” said Fury.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Tony, looking at Sabine with a look that clearly stated, “I told you so, Love.

“But, when will he strike though?” asked Fury.

Just as he says that, Sabine points at the TV that is on and says as she raised the volume “Look!” On The TV you can see a portal open right in front of the Stark building and Loki coming out of it.

“Well, let’s move people,” said Fury as he took control of the ship and started heading towards DC.

Fury landed his ship on the ground, leaving all four of them and went back up in the sky to leave them the terrain clear. As Sabine was going to say something to the men, two enormous monsters came out of the portal.

Sabine said, “Okay people, we need to move fast. Thor because you know him better, why don’t you go and try take the staff from Loki. Stark, go with him.”

“Yes Ma’am,” said Thor.

“As you wish,” said Tony.

“Bruce, Steve, and I are going to deal with the monsters. Now go!” finished Sabine. Tony and Thor go up to the Stark’s building to defeat Loki. Meanwhile, Sabine and the others walked towards the monsters.

Sabine said, “It would be a great time for you to turn green, Bruce”  He then became huge and green.

“Wow,” said Sabine. “How do you do that? I thought you could only do it when you were angry.”

“You want to know my secret?” said Hulk. “I’m always angry.”

Then Hulk hit both monsters really hard in the nose and they fell on the ground paralyzed. Captain America and Sabine then put a sword through their hearts. The Frost Giants then came after them and started fighting Captain America and Sabine. Hulk grabbed one of the Frost Giants and twisted his neck, killing him. Captain America then put a sword through the other Frost Giant, who got distracted by what Hulk did to the other Frost Giant. With that dealt with, they brought their attention to Tony, Thor, and Loki. The three of them were fighting in the balcony of the Starks’ building. They were fighting really hard, but Thor and Tony had the advantage of 2 versus 1. Finally, Thor got a hold of the staff and took it away from Loki. Then Tony grabbed Loki’s hands and flew back were Sabine was with Thor. Sabine then put handcuffs on the hands of Loki as Tony still kept a hold of him.

Thor then said, “My brother and I have nothing to do here anymore. We will go back to Asgard.” Thor then opened a portal with the staff and left with Loki back to Asgard after saying, “Goodbye, Sabine. I will never forget you and goodbye to you all, thank you for helping me stop my brother.” Then, they all go back to the Helicarrier and they all say goodbye.

Captain America jumped off the ship to get back to his house; of course, he had a parachute. Fury left for his room to rest. Now the only ones left in the control room were Sabine and Tony. They just stand there for a moment awkwardly with their heads down until he said, “Sabine?”


“Would you go out with me?”

She kissed him. She had fallen in love with him and had to admit that he was really hot. She loved how he wanted to save people. He wasn’t that bad after all. They were made for each other.



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