“The Mission for the Unseen” by Justin Meng  

Written by plumtree

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Once upon a time, there was a scout named Dan. He was an non-wealthy scout who was looking for a job to make sure he could support himself. He was tall, and lean, so that he was fast and sneaky. One day, Dan was wandering around on his planet looking for a job, when he came across a group talking in a secretive way.

Dan found his way there through bits and pieces of what seemed like a broken ship, and asked, “Are you in need of a scout?”

The group who goes by the name of the Unseen, quickly told him that their group was in need of help, because 3 days ago, their enemy had found out where their base was and had launched an attack on it. They had lost their best scout in the attack, and the others ran away and were never seen from again.

The Unseen were desperate, so they hired Dan and sent him on his first mission. He was to enter a high security compound and try to steal their intel. He went into the compound, and silently went toward the intel, but just before getting in the room where it was in, he discovered that there was an insane abundance of what seemed over one million patrols surrounding the room. The Unseen, by covert channel that his group had taught him how to use, told him that the only way that these guards would leave their post was, either that people have infiltrated the compound, or when they were switching shifts, which happened every four hours, and it only gave him a 15 second window to get in. Given these scenarios, he chose that the group send in a diversion, and he would sneak into the room and get out of the compound unharmed and unseen.

Every moment that Dan was waiting, felt like eternity, and soon his eyelids began to droop downward like a deadweight was hanging off of it, and forcing it to go down, but he would jerk himself back awake by telling himself, “They should be here soon.” Dan soon dozed off, thinking that the guards would never find him, and that he could have a small nap because his diversion had not arrived, but as soon as he fell asleep, his group from earlier called him, and said that they were sorry for taking so long, and that the diversion should be happening soon.

The perpetual ringing of Dan’s phone caught one of the guard’s attention, and he went toward the sound when it stopped, not knowing what to expect. What the guard saw in the corner surprised him. It was a small scout. The guard thought that the compound was impenetrable, and here was an enemy scout, sleeping in a corner of the room. The guard didn’t know what to do, so he called back a group of guards and took Dan up to an empty cell, and locked him in. He was unconscious, so he just lay as a lump on the ground.

When Dan eventually woke up from his “nap” and saw that he was trapped in a laser cell that had virtually no way out, Dan went crazy trying to find a way to bypass the lasers, but he couldn’t touch any of the lasers, or else it would alert the enemy and they would rush into the cell and kill him. He ran around his cell, which was 15 feet by 20 feet, and made out of the lasers that were like steel and a camera at the same time. All the while, he tried to find out what in the world would get him out of there, and just as he sat down to give up, something scratched his leg, and he reached downward. He felt the round outline of the teleporter machine that his group had given him.

Because of this, he started to realize that he wasn’t dead after all. He started up the teleporter, and found that there was enough space in the teleporter for 2 transports, and because of that he started charging up the teleporter, and he didn’t realize in time, but he was playing the waiting game because his captors were going to his cell at that exact moment. Dan looked outside and saw them running up the stairs. He would not have enough time, until he saw that one of them had tripped. He only needed 1 more minute to make the jump to the intelligence, before leaving immediately. His plan was perfectly laid out in his mind, but when he teleported to the intelligence room and grabbed the case, his device said that he needed to wait 3 minutes for cool-down time, and that he would have to stay put and wait for it to teleport him.

Dan waited anxiously. Until Finally, the teleporter beeped, signaling that it was ready and Dan couldn’t press the button fast enough, as soon as he got back to his group, he breathed a sigh of relief. He was home! His group rushed out of the door and started to ask him if he was okay. Dan said he was, so they asked him to recall what had happened throughout the raid, and Dan said, “It was going well at first, but when I went to their room with the intelligence and you guys called me to tell me that it was guarded 24/7? I freaked out that I was going to fail my first mission and get killed, until I heard you guys saying that you could send a diversion to help get the guards attention. I was waiting for a very long time, and eventually fell asleep. I don’t know what happened, but I woke up in a big laser cell that I couldn’t get out of, and was going to give up when I felt this teleporter in my back pocket.”

The Unseen looked on in awe as Dan pulled the unharmed teleporter out of my back pocket. The Unseen then said, “Wow, I don’t believe that any one of us had given that to you, did you guys?” The rest of the group said no and shook their heads in disbelief. The leader than said to Dan, “Well, you’re lucky for one thing, and you must also be very forgetful, you probably took it from the enemy, because we don’t make teleporters like that. Our teleporters have a signature scratch at the top right corner extending down the back.”

Dan looked at him like he was crazy, because his didn’t have a scratch or anything. He asked, “Well, is it the enemies, and if so, is it going to do anything?” No one knew, and soon the topic was dropped. Ever since then, Dan was a valuable member of the team, and soon was respected and sent on classified missions. Dan never had a monotonous day in his life again.



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