“Football” By Ethan Haas

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

It all started when Adam Greenberg was in the middle of the football field with 3 seconds left, and he lines up for the kick and its . . .

Hold up, let’s back up a little. Adam Greenberg goes to Walt Whitman High school and he loves it. He has lots of friends and is known as the class clown. He loves school. Adam loves following sports and he plays football in his free time. And he is a freshman.

One day when Adam got to school there was a big announcement saying, “Excuse me students may I have your attention please. There will be football tryouts in two days.” Right away Adams eyes lit-up in joy, but he kept his excitement in because he was in the middle of math.

He and his friends glared at each other and gave the same look. Eyes wide open and a huge smile. They knew they were going to try out. His friends Charlie and Dylan played football two years and have been friends for a very long time. The teacher came up to Adam and said, “Get back to work or meet me in my office.” Adam, right away, looked down at his textbook and started reading. His hands were shaking and his face was bright red like a red tomato.

As the school went on Adam could not stop thinking about tryouts. His excitement carried him throughout the day. Finally, it was the end of the day and Adam and his friends could not wait to go home and play the sport they love (football). Adam went home to go to his local high school and started kicking his field goals.

He was doing great like he always would. He went home to tell his parents about the try outs he had been waiting all day to tell them. And once he told them, his parents were so happy for Adam. That night when Adam was about to go to sleep, he was getting nervous thoughts about if he would make the team. When Adam was sleeping, he had a terrible dream. The dream was about how he was at tryouts.

“Adam,” the coach said. “Make 5 field goals and you’re on the team.”

 Adam said, “Ok”.

So he went up to kick the field goals. First one he makes it. Next one he makes it. The next one he makes it. And the 4th one he barely makes it. Here was the 5th one. Adam felt tense and nervous. It was for all the marbles. Once, Adam lined up for the kick and . . . “Beep! Beep! Beep!” his alarm went off.

It was time for school. Adam knew that the tryouts were today. When he went to tryouts they played a scrimmage and Adam was one of two kickers. One was on the other team and Adam was on the other. So it was the battle of the kickers. Adam did not get an opportunity until the end of the game. It was a tie game and there was only time for 1 last play. Adam’s name gets screamed. He knows it’s his time to shine. He lined up for the kick and he missed. Adam went to his knees knowing, knowing he let his team down and he blew his opportunity and his chance of making the team.

The game was over and the coaches called everyone over. Adams was not confident in his chances of making the team. The coach said, “Adam and Johnny step forward.” Johnny was the other kicker. The coach stood their silent for 10 seconds. He finally said, “Adam you’re in!” Adam face jaw fell to the ground. He was shocked. He never saw it coming! Adam went over to Johnny and shook his hand and said, “Next year it’s all you. You are a great kicker.” The rest is history for Adam. He was the best kicker for the high school. For over 3 season with them he never missed a kick. Whenever he lined up for a kick he thought about that one day. That one day where he missed that one field goal. And that’s how a young boys dream of being a kicker went from really low to really high!


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