“King of the North” By Nic Hill

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

Once upon a time there was a king who had won many awards. He looked at them every day, and he was so proud while eating a big piece of chicken. While this sounds great, they weren’t exactly good rewards to earn. The awards that he won every year, well, they were on being the fattest king of the world.

His kingdom was the northwestern kingdom. The other kingdoms were, northeastern, northern, southwestern, southeastern, and southern. ¨I will live to be the fattest king in world!¨ he thought to himself. Weeks passed and it was time to choose the fattest again. The northwestern king felt very confident on winning the prize because he always has.

¨And the winner is . . . The King of the North!” The King of the Northwestern was shocked and devastated. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. As the other king went up to receive the prize, the king couldn’t believe his own eyes.

¨That guy is literally twice my size! ¨ he thought to himself. He went back to his castle miserable. The workers came in and offered him food, but he said no, because he had lost his appetite. He went to bed feeling sad and empty inside.

He woke up in the morning with a plan. As he went down he greeted the guards. They told their king to not worry about it and the king nodded. He went down for some breakfast. This wasn’t just going to be any breakfast. Perhaps, the biggest breakfast of all time, especially for one person. He looked at the menu and you want know what he ordered? Well it’s not just a little of everything, it’s not just a lot of one thing . . .  it’s a lot everything. Yes, that’s right. He ordered about 10 pounds of bacon, 20 pounds of eggs, and 30 pounds of pancakes. Not only that, but he bathed the pancakes in tons of maple syrup. The weirdest part was that he ate that all in under 5 minutes! He had never felt more alive in his entire life of being a king.  

So not only that, but he ordered even more for lunch than he did for breakfast. Yes, this was a lot, but he didn’t exactly take that many breaks before eating lunch. He ate least 20 pounds of food before eating lunch. So what he ordered for lunch is 30 pounds of ham sandwiches. And another 30 pounds of pizza.

He sat on his throne slouching and he wouldn’t fit on the throne. So, he ordered a new throne 3 times as big as the old one. And when it arrived he loved sitting on it. He assumed that with all this progress he would for sure be the winner of the fattest king again.

So from this day on he would eat the same meals every day until the award ceremony. Sounds pretty flawless right? Well not really, because you would probably get sick of eating after a while especially the amount he would be eating.

So he ate different things every month and he didn’t even like some of the things he was eating. But still eating the same thing for a month sounds pretty gross especially if it’s something you don’t like. But, the only reason he did this was to make sure he won the prize for fattest king so he could get his streak back.

The king felt so confident that he invited the king that won last year to come to his castle. The other king agreed and came the next day. The king of the northwestern heard that his guards saw the other king coming to the castle. He came out from the door which he barely fit from and his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. He saw that the other king was still bigger than him! He couldn´t believe it, but he kept it to himself. They chatted for a bit and the other king said that it’s probably time for him to go. But, before he stepped out of the castle the king of the northwestern asked him how does he do it? The other king replied saying he has his own set of skills.

Outraged, the king slammed the door in frustration. But then it him. He ordered the witch to lay a magic spell on him to make him the fattest human being possible and let’s just say it worked. And it was perfect time to do that because the award ceremony was happening tomorrow. He watched as he saw the other kings win their awards and the rewarder said it was time to announce the winner of the fattest king. The king of the northwestern crossed his fingers in hope that he would win. The rewarder said his name! He couldn’t believe it. He went over to receive his prize and he lived happily ever after doing the same tactic every year, so that he would win and he did.


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