“The Smilers” By Mitchell Hwang

Written by plumtree

Topics: (2018-2019)

It was Tuesday morning and Jack was still confused about what had happened the night prior. Mr. and Mrs. Smiler went to work and Robbie had gone shopping for supplies. This was the perfect opportunity to search for the answer to why they were so secretive. Jack headed down into the basement where he smelled the same rancid odor. The odor was that of rotting meat. It was a very large basement with crammed broken chairs and other antique things. Jack searched through the basement and found nothing out of the ordinary until he came by a door. The door had a “Do Not Enter” sign which was scratched up. The temptation started to overwhelm him. He knew that he should not open the door but something told him to. His hand enclosed the doorknob and he slowly opened the door.

The door led to an overly bright operating room. On one side of the room, he saw a table. There were scalpels and knives. There were also tranquilizer darts lying on the ground. Thoughts rushed through his head and he started to panic. In the middle of the operating room was a broken down surgical bed. Big, patchy red stains plagued the bed. Blood. The amount of horror and shock that was in Jack’s thoughts was overwhelming. Then his eyes targeted a closet next to the table. The lights gave out a quiet hum that gave an eerie feeling to the room.

 Jack slowly crept towards the closet, not knowing what kept him going. He pulled the doors open and found a horrifying sight. 3 masks and bloody clothes were hanging neatly. On each mask, there was a different smiling face. He picked up a mask and wondered what type of material the masks were made of. They felt rubbery but he had a feeling they weren’t made of rubber. He soon realized that these were masks made out of human skin. The eyes were bottomless black pits and there was a long sinister smile. Blood stained the mask and the clothes. The lips were unrealistically red and there were cuts across the cheeks. This was all too much for Jack, and he immediately put the mask in the closet and ran back upstairs.

He ran up the stairs and headed into his room. He got on his computer and searched up recent serial killings and kidnaps. Jack scrolled through the different articles. None of them matched the Smilers’ description. “Recent kidnappings in Washington, D.C.” was the next thing he searched up. Each article was mostly about children being kidnapped and never found. However, Jack realized something similar in these cases. He looked back at one of them. The article had said that a child went missing in Craly Park which was right next to an orphanage. Another article said the same thing. Each article said that a child was kidnapped near an orphanage. In one article, a witness said that they had seen 3 people leave from the area at the time of the kidnap. 2 men and 1 lady wearing some kind of masks. At that immediate time, he realized that Robbie would be almost home. Jack shut off the computer and headed back into the living room.

Jack soon noticed that the Smilers were becoming more and more aggressive. During dinner, he had asked for more food, but Mrs. Smiler swiped away his plate from him. Jack felt more and more uneasy about the situation in the house. He needed to escape the family. He had made a plan when he was eating dinner. Jack would make an excuse to go to the bathroom and then run out of the door. The Smilers had not yet found out that Jack knew the truth so he hoped he would catch them by surprise. He got up and signed to Mrs. Smiler that he was going to the bathroom. Adrenaline and fear filled his body and he tried to calm down his breathing. He stood up from the table and slowly walked towards the bathroom. Sweat was pouring down his face and into his shirt. It was now that he had to escape. Suddenly he turned and ran out of the door. As he looked back, the Smilers started panicking but he kept on running. Then he felt a quick sting on his back and slowly crumpled to the ground, his mind going black.

Jack woke up in a dark room. His brain was kind of fuzzy from the last night and he had trouble remembering what had happened. A single light shone from the ceiling, flickering every now and then. He looked around at the dirty grey walls. Jack tried to stand up, realizing that he was chained, then crumpled back to the ground. Everything was silent to him. Suddenly the door pushed open, the metallic sound echoing through the cellar. It was Mr. Smiler who opened the door. His hands were holding onto a plate full of jumbled up food and a knife, newly sharpened. He slowly put the plate on the floor and kicked it towards Jack’s direction.

“You were clever to try to escape, but did you really think we couldn’t catch you?” Jeff asked, smirking.

However, Jack just saw Jeff’s lips move without a sound.

“Oh right, you’re deaf. Soon you will meet my little friend,” Jeff exclaimed laughing, twirling the knife in his hand and shutting the door.


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