“Blue Canvas” by Coco Song

Written by plumtree

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I sat on the top of a hill

near a quiet countryside road

beside the ocean.

I come here every evening to watch

the sunset burn

with its last glory until it dives into the ocean,

like orange and red paint smeared across a blue canvas.

Seagulls roamed the deep blue sky,

as a pair of dolphins

leaped over the water in the distance

and making a gentle cry as they did.

The ocean waves crash and break at the sandy beach,

and the gentle seafoam

becomes a soft layer of white lace over the blue.

I watched until the sun is no longer visible.

The sky is deepening,

and I started the walk home on a narrow dirt road.

The last rays of light led my way.

That night when I got into my soft cushioned bed,

I watch the moon settled into the night sky

and shined with all its might.

It was a full moon,

and the sight was unforgettable.

The stars glimmered,

but the lodestar shined the brightest light of them all.

I can hear owls hooting

somewhere in the far

while they fly to catch their prey.

There is a family of fireflies

that glowed a dim light.

I can still hear the hooting of owls,

the chirping of the crickets as drifted off to sleep.


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