“Catching the Criminal” By Arieanna Singh

Written by plumtree

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Current’s view:

“Duck!” Phoenix yells at me as she swings her trident of flame over my head. I roll away just in time with only a few hairs singed. Phoenix is the goddess of flame and she is locked in a heated battle (pun intended) with the Commander Jason Lorveno’s nephew who has sworn to kill the rest of her line. I am the god of water and ice and I stab my sword into Emmerson Lorveno, (the commander’s nephew) and he disintegrates on the spot.

“Thanks, Current. The battle isn’t over yet, you know. We still have to find the commander and dispose of him though too. But for right now let’s regroup.” Phoenix reminds me. 

“OK, Phoenix.” I say back to her. 

We head back to the ship and find the others nursing their wounds.

“Hey, Shadow, Aspen, Storm, Time and Light.”

“Hey Current and Phoenix. How’d your battle go?”
                “Fine. We defeated him.”

“That’s good. Just one more person until we catch the criminal mastermind behind it all.” 

Yep. I wonder why King Lockverono stole all that money and the crown. He obviously knew that you need the scepter and the crown to claim the throne without a fight. I guess we will have to wait to find out when we corner him.” 

Shadow replies, “I guess I stand corrected, Aspen. How much do I owe you? I never dreamed Current was that stupid.” 

 “You owe me $300,” Aspen says. 

Shadow hands over the money and scowls at me intensely and turns away. 

We all walk to dinner and eat quickly. We all have a battle tomorrow with Lorveno. 

Phoenix’s View:

I creep into Current’s room and say, “Current, wake up, now. Don’t steal my glory. Or this time, I won’t miss.” I stalk out and register in my peripheral view his shocked face. I smile with pleasure at the thought of it. 

Aspen’s View:

I am coaxing an aspen tree out of the earth and reminiscing about the last time we tried to fight the commander. Storm nearly died and Phoenix and Current were nearly robbed of their powers. Luckily though I still have that money I got from Shadow. 

Storm’s View:

Ugh, I honestly am totally not afraid of battling the Commander. Even though he is my brother by blood, he is on the side of wrong! I will end his tyranny over the city and his helping a tyrant rule the kingdom. I am ready to fight to the death.

Time’s View:

I love my gift. Time is everyone’s greatest enemy and best friend. To be able to control it is like controlling my breathing. It is my life and my soul. One day my friends will realize that my time is up and I must return to the river in which it flows. That day will be soon.  

Light’s View: 

                The strands of light’s flow are wonderful colors that show you many things. I have seen the mortal’s hopes and dreams, seen them crushed by the ones who tell them they will never amount to anything. I have seen the light that one person brings, yet when she leaves to go to brighten the world in another place, her flame fades away until there is nothing left. Her ocean of emotion becomes still, her kindness deserts her. Her happiness in the storm etches away. She remembers the time when she was light with sadness and nostalgia. She becomes shadow when she used to be light.

Shadow’s View:

It’s time to go to war. Light, Time, Storm and I walk outside to meet the commander. While Light blinds him and Storm crashes lightning around him, Time slows the battle and I charge with my sword of darkness and stab upwards. That was the easiest battle ever! 

“Phoenix! Current! Aspen! Time to kill the king.” I shout. 

We board the ship and quickly fly to the castle where the king lies in wait. Aspen stays aboard while the rest of us jump down to enter the citadel. We creep through the hallways and find the throne room door ajar.  I walk in first. Time and Light follow behind quickly, then Current and Storm. Last of all is Phoenix. The throne room door eases shut. 

A large duck hops off the throne and roars, “I am King Grass Lockverono. I will destroy you before you ever touch my treasure!” 

And so the battle begins. Storm and Light jump into the air and aim their weapons and his stomach and eyes. They hit soundly and he makes an oomph sound. Phoenix swings her trident and lights the king on fire. He starts quacking with pain. Current uses his sword to send a spray of water and Time slows down the time so I can get a couple of hits in with my dagger. With the last strike I backflip away from the king while he is disintegrating. 

The door to the treasury opens up and we hear a voice say, “Take whatever of these gems you want, although you may want to take the spirit stones you were robbed of when you were just little children.” 

Phoenix sees a glowing red stone and grabs it which then leads her to give off a burning heat. Light takes a stone glowing so brightly that it almost blinds me. Time takes a stone that appears to have clocks in it and it is glowing blue. Aspen appears to have floated down and she grabs a stone which is the color of earth. Current receives a stone which is of the deepest blue and has waves crashing in it. Storm has a dark grey stone with bolts of lightning in it. Finally. My stone. It is black like the night with little dots that are white like stars, each one representing a soul that is now at peace. The battle is over.

 We are at peace.    


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