“The Artist” by Luke Fu

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year

As he was putting the finishing touches on his latest and most prized art piece, He couldn’t help but exhale a sigh of pleasure. “This piece of art will go all over the internet!” He thought. He closed his eyes and he went on autopilot. This artist was an underrated perfectionist. This piece of art was a true beauty and took him over 120 hours total to make. An extra ten minutes of revising was nothing.

The artist dipped his brush in the white paint and carefully manipulated his brush over the art piece. His eyes were still closed as he thought about what might happen within a day of the release. For the first hour, he reasoned, not many people would see. Within 12 hours, famous artists would start noticing. After another hour, they’ll start reposting his art, and within 24, it’ll be an internet sensation.

Suddenly, something flashed. He quickly opened his eyes and looked in dread as his smock, pallet, and clothing were smeared in white paint. What’s worse, is that his almost completed painting was also completely destroyed. He couldn’t move as a year worth of his current income flashed before his eyes. His misery was immeasurable.

“Wonderful,” He thought miserably, “Just what I needed.”


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