“In Their Arms” by Helen Liang

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)

They brought you into the world

Gave you good health and kept you alive

These caregivers would hug you, kiss you, and send you to education.

When you came home, you would hug in their arms.


Whenever you felt hungry, sick, or tired,

Whenever you had a secret to tell,

Whenever you wanted to cuddle,

You could always hug in their arms.


They want best for you in this cruel gambling game of life

They want you to find your spark of joy

When they come home from hard labor, you are always their greatest achievement.

When they come home, you could always hug them in their arms.


Whenever they got joint pains and cramps,

Whenever they got large projects ahead,

Whenever they felt the need for a stress reliever,

You could always hug them in their arms.


In their arms, you could cry in front of them and spill out your sorrows.

They would comfort you and shroud you in their protective aura.

In their old age, they would teach you their life experience and let you recover,

Whenever you would cry in their arms.


Whenever you had a loss and could not stand,

Whenever you had a knot in your throat you could not untie,

Whenever you had a fear for the unknown,

You could always hug

In their arms.



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