“Lavender and the Sun” by Tobi Raofield

Written by plumtree

Topics: 2021-22 School Year, Complete Archive (2012-2020)


The color of his eyes

The creases of her skin

When she smiles


The Sun

The brightness of their gaze

When she looks at me

Why do they look at me?


Look at me

I’m not worth anything

Yet here we are

Here they are


They are

Amazing and wonderful

And I am

Just the opposite



The flowers that

Make me think of him

And his lovely kindness


The Sun

The reason I

Keep going

Because of her



They mean everything to me

The Sun

They are worth everything


The sound of her footsteps

The Sun

The warmth of him


You are

Lavender and the Sun

And you make me feel the same



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