“A Young Tree” By Pamuk Altan-Bonnet

There was a young tree that got his seasons mixed up.
The tree would turn orange and red-rimmed and lose his leaves, and the other young trees
didn’t notice because they thought he was just joking.
When the trees grew up, in the spring of that year, the other trees taunted him and towered over him when his leaves turned auburn and wrinkly while theirs were green and straight. He shrank in size until he became an acorn again and he hid in the dirt
The worms and beetles underground cheered him up and told him to grow back, but he refused
He decided to grow, and he closed his eyes and bloomed, then opened
them and saw his auburn leaves matched the ones around him.
His seasons have been on track and he always transferred a bit of his daily Vitamin D intake to the dirt, where the worms and beetles knew he was happy above ground.


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