Volume 6 Archives

“The Terror Poem” by Alex Berkowitz
“Storm” by Lauren Chase“Eye” by Lauren Chase 
“Happy Holidays” by Ilan El Ghormli
“Writer’s Block” by Kathryn Fredley 
“Editing” by Kathryn Fredley
A collection”…by Dani Klein 
“When the Sun Sets” by Dhruv Raghavan 
“Politicians” by Ethan Schenker
“Humanity” by Ethan Schenker
“Signs of Fall” by Avantika Thyagarajan
“Birthday Everyday!” By Justin Wan
“School Rules!” By Justin Wan
“I Come From” By Tara Davoodi
“The Bad Joke” By Ilan El Ghormli
“Untrustworthy” by Ilan El Ghormli
“Crushed by Obligations” by Ilan El Ghormli
“My Dear Sister Veronica” By Megan Chen
“Eliza Smith, Broken Witch” by Elola Eckford
“Summer” By Elola Eckford
“Flowers” By Elola Eckford
“It’s Personal” by Gabe Higbee
“We Are All Different” by Iman Ilias
“Best Friends” by Iman Ilias
“If A Tree Fell” by Dani Klein
“Lisa” by Emma Lin
“Hidden” by Nilaya Kuntamukkala
“The Tale of The Gold Girl” by Sofia Manalo Kwaterski
“My Dream” by Isabel Ostheimer
“A Small Village” by Dhruv Raghavan 
“Free Style Poetry” by Isabel Ostheimer
“This Poetry” by Isabel Ostheimer
“The Alpha” by Christina Xiong
“Colors” by Christina Xiong
“The Cloak” by Grace Zhao
“MY SIDE OF THE SUPER STORY” by Rachel K. Carter
“The Bad feeling” by Lucia Gutierrez
“A Sound From Above” by Lucia Gutierrez
“A Monkey’s Nightmare” by Lucia Gutierrez
“A Light In The Distance” by Lucia Gutierrez
“Winter” by Leo Russell and Sophie Alzona
“Spring” by Leo Russell and Sophie Alzona
“The Flavor of Culture” by Iman Ilias
“The Quilt of Life” by Dhruv Raghavan 
 “The Soldier” by Sadie Goldberg
“The Wake” by Archie Achesa
“The Lost Soul” by Addie Bounds
“Distorted” by Carolyn Catan
“The Right Decision” by Ben Conover
“A Trap” by Jonah Feuerstein
“A Lesson For Life” by Javier Laveaga
“Ferry Boat Scrub Caps, Tumors on the Wall, Post Its and Houses of Candles” by Emily Mitchell
“The People In The Past” by Emilia Moberg
“The Avengers” by Sabine Ocana
“Dawn of Rebellion” by Maddie Shavitz
“Deployment Day” by Max Walker
“The Life Changing Cruise” by Grady Wiley
“A New Beginning” by Shannon Yehl
“Stealing From Thieves” by Ben Adams
“Holding Hands” by Aleydis Barnes


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