W and E | By: Warren

Ethan: definition of a fossil fuel.
Warren: three types of fossil fuel + joke using three types
Stuffed animal: Bad joke but hi!
Warren: what we use fossil fuels for
Stuffed animal: Hello! Camera on me please
Ethan: are fossil fuels good or bad for the environment
Stuffed animal: bad Bad BAd BAD BAD!
Warren: three reasons why fossil fuels are bad for the environment (Animal going “yah”.)
Ethan info about solar energy
Warren: info about wind energy
Ethan: info about hydro
Ethan: is there anything a 6th grader can do in their daily lives to help reduce the use of fossil fuels?
Stuffed animal: Go to me go to me!
Ethan: Police get him out!
Warren: Sorry about that
Warren: three ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
warren: address (Animal giving a round of applause)
Stuffed animal: Goodnight every one!
Warren: Police!


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