10.16.12 The Pyle Inside–Meeting Notes

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Greetings to “The Pyle Inside”:

We have had a successful past two weeks here at “The Pyle Inside” on Tuesdays. To summarize, last week we had visiting author Mellissa Bell read a selection of her work and talk with us about poetry. The magazine staff eagerly took to writing poems after her presentation.

This week during the club, we decorated the bulletin board on the second floor. Students engaged in a free-for-all approach writing their names, slogans, and pictures-marking their territory as a literary presence at the school.

We also announced that there will be an opportunity to present to a larger community on Thursday, November 1st. There will be a “Coffee House” performance in the courtyard space with musicians, writers, authors, and other artists. The performance will be held from 2:45 until 4pm, and students may take the activity bus home. Guidelines and the sign-up to perform will be shared soon.


Students should:

1. Bring in ALL work they seek to be published with the Review Documentation and Permission Slip (The deadline for the first issue of “The Pyle Inside” will be October 30th.) These forms may be printed off the Edline page or found on the second floor bulletin board.

2. Be prepared to write more, as we will make a visit to lab 205 to both edit and compose new material.

3. Consider if they may want a leadership position within “The Pyle Inside”. The positions will require extra work outside of the club meetings.

We look forward to having another great turnout next week!

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or would like to participate (parents, too!).


Mr. Prunier



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