“Inside the Pyle Locker Room” by Shankar Bhat

Written by plumtree

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Before the Thursday boys’ softball game against Hoover Middle School, the team felt a certain kind of expectancy. They felt a kind of calmness in the air. It’s like what Rubeus Hagrid said, “What comes will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” There was no nervousness or wondering how the game will go. The Pyle boy’s softball team isn’t one of those brooding groups. They know that you can’t control what will happen by worrying or getting all worked up over a game. They put on their cleats and talked, but never about the game. They didn’t talk strategy or statistics. They didn’t talk baseball. They talked about everything except for the game. The atmosphere seemed friendly and carefree, but inside each and every single one of them was wondering if they would win or lose out on the field. It gnawed at them until the end of the ninth inning.

After the game was a different matter all together. The team talked about it, and nothing else. From great sliding to great catching, amazing hits to spectacular plays, they talked of nothing else. The team has reason to discuss the game; it certainly wasn’t something to forget. With a crushing win of 8-1 against Hoover Middle School, Pyle certainly taught the opposition not to mess with the Panthers. The game was filled with amazing catches by outfielders and infielders alike. Many players scored runs and many more got on base. The Pyle team showed great sportsmanship after the game by congratulating the Hoover team. The team was freely happy about the game, there was nothing to hide.




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