11.21.12 Celebrating Issue 1 “Inside” and Looking Ahead!

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Dear Pyle Inside Community!!!

We had an outstanding celebration this past week at The Pyle Inside meeting! We ate pizza, read from the magazine, and looked ahead!

Several important notes:

1. Composition books or spiral notebooks are needed by all club members. (We don’t want to lose any amazing ideas!!!)

2. The deadline for Issue 2 is December 14th. Physical copies of the rough drafts should be handed in at that time along with the Peer-Review/Permission Slip form. These forms are available on the website, Edline page, and at school.

3. The themes of Issue 2 are “My Culture,” “Music,” and “HIS dream . .  . iAct . . . WE Change!” (in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). The themes of “My Culture” and “HIS dream . . . iAct . . . WE Change!” are connected to two separate writing contests. However, even if a submission is not a winner, then if it is revised and edited until completion, it will be published at www.pyleinside.com.

4.  Congratulations to Karanina Bhattacharjee, Hassan Syyid, Harrison Jacobs, Joshua Engels, Shankar Bhat, and Ryan Peake on their submission to Issue 1. Outstanding job!

5. There will be a “Coffee House” on Tuesday, December 11th  from 2:40 to 4pm in the chorus room. The idea is to bring several groups together to celebrate school spirit, the love of learning, and offer students a forum to share their voices and meet with each other.  Hot coco will be served. All musicians interested in performing should meet with Mrs. Townsend, while all writers who wish to speak should meet with Mr. Prunier

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Mr. Prunier


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