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Nexus 4, the Smartest Smartphone Ever.
By: Hassan Syyid



The Google Nexus 4 puts the best of Google Android in the palm of your hand, with cutting edge software and hardware, including an amazing Photo Sphere camera, and access to your favorite apps and entertainment on Google Play.

The phone comes with the newest version of Google Now, an app that helps you stay more organized, getting you information at the right time. For example, it gives reminders about upcoming flights and hotel confirmations. It tells you how much traffic to expect when leaving work. And, it can event tell you when the next bus is coming as you walk to the stop. You simply open the app, swipe the icon, and it shows all information you need to get through your day.

The Nexus 4 also has Voice Search, which responds almost instantly and delivers very precise answers. Voice Search is powered by the Knowledge Graph, a complex program, designed to find connections between related things to refine your search.

Google Maps returns with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, live traffic info, and integrated driving (3D Driving Simulator). Also, it includes walking and public transit directions, getting from place to place has never been easier. You can even use broad search words, such as “Parking” or “Restaurants”, and still get accurate information. It can even provide recommendations from people in your Google Plus circles.

Moreover, there’s also a better keyboard. You can use Gesture Typing (glide your finger over the letters) to compose emails or texts–in seconds. The phone also suggests the next words and letters you might use, like the search engine, Google, does.

Featuring a new camera with a high-performance 8MP camera (8 Megapixel), it can take spectacular Photo Sphere (an app that lets you create 360-degree panoramic photos) images, letting you capture all the details of what you see around you. The camera application also allows you to quickly view and edit your photos with powerful new tools and share your favorite photos right from the application.

You can also record HD videos (1080p) and take photos right from video while you’re at it. Continuous focus, real-time zoom, and time lapse mode give you the power to make great videos. When your video is ready, you can create your own movie, with the application Movie Studio, and upload it from the application straight to YouTube.

Photos and videos are displayed vividly on the 1280-by-768 4.7-inch display.  Gently curved glass allows your finger to move on and off the 320ppi screen, and it’s protected by scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2.


Nexus 4 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, so it’s fast and energy saving. You can Multi-task between apps, the web, and more. With 2GB of RAM and the fastest version of Android ever, Nexus 4 is Google’s fastest, most energy efficient smartphone yet.

Incredibly, Google Wallet makes Nexus 4 your digital wallet. With the free Google Wallet app on the Nexus 4, you can carry all your credit and debit cards securely with you on your phone. Just open your phone, open up the app, and the transfer is made. It’s easy and currently accepted at more than 200,000 stores across the US. How does it work in-store? Just tap your phone to an NFC terminal at checkout to use any credit or debit card you want with your Google Wallet app. Your phone sends your payment info to the terminal.

Not only is it economically friendly, Google Play features 700,000 apps and games. Get all your favorite apps and games on the Nexus 4. Find the most popular free and paid apps, explore collections, browse by category or just search for your favorites. Browse through the millions of songs available for purchase, or upload your existing music library to Google Play, which features up to 20,000 songs for free, streaming all your favorite tracks and playlists from the cloud so you’ll never miss anything. You can easily import songs from iTunes with the Music Manager. Once your music is imported, it becomes available on Nexus 4. You can even enjoy your music on the web or on any other Android compatible phone or tablet.

Design wise, the phone has two screws on the bottom, which help give it an industrial feel, while the chrome power and volume buttons on either side are more to help with the elegance of the phone. The buttons are slightly raised and provide a good hold, while not making it look bulky and ugly. However, the phone doesn’t have an expandable storage slot, access to 4G LTE, microSD support or a removable battery. Also, XDA Developers analyzed the inside of the phone, and found that the biggest flaw was that the phone is actually very fragile, compared to an average smartphone.

All in all, the Nexus 4 has amazing features, and is currently the most advanced, sophisticated, smart-phone in the world. Google has, yet again, outdone itself with the help of LG. I personally think that the phone is worth its price of $299. It is a phone built for everyone.



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