New Country, New Life by Soomin Hwang

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“New Country, New Life”

By SoominHwang

                There were a lot of people wandering to see if their airplane was ready. It was just a usual day in the airport. But it was not that usual for me. I was waiting for the airplane that would be a start of a big challenge for me–living in a new country. Living in new country was a huge challenge for me.

First, since English is not my first language, there might be a disadvantage in communicating with my friends and my teachers. But I knew my thought was partially right and partially wrong. Communicating with my friends and teachers were hard at first. So, I thought that I will make no friends, because I am a totally strange guy who doesn’t know the language they are speaking. Also, when I can’t communicate with my teachers, I would get bad grades, which will mess up my 2 years in America. However, as I adopt myself to new environment, talking was becoming easier, and now, talking with my friends was so comfortable for me.

Next, I needed to make new friends in America. I had a lot of friends in Korea, but I had no friends in America. There might be some good friends, but, yet, they might not be as good as my friends back in Korea. I knew my friends since 2nd grade in Korea. However, friends in America were equally friendly as in Korea. We ate lunches together, even though I was a totally new student who they knew nothing about. Now, I have plenty of good friends that I can trust whatever happens to me or them.

Even though living in a new country where traditions and language is different and a huge challenge for me, the first 3 months were just perfect for me. I hope I could overcome the challenges and make many good experiences in America.


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