Here to There by Stephen Lyons

Written by plumtree

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I am the clock on your nightstand. I am falling into a dream. I am the clock that is slowly sinking into another world. In that world beyond that nightstand, I am on a beach. There is no sign of anything living . . . but there is the sea before me. The sun is pinkish with hazy clouds floating in front of it. Instead of the sky being blue, it is also pink, which makes the water seem pink, too. Now, peering as far as I can, I see the opposite shore of the sea. What is beyond on the other shore, I wonder? So, seeing only one way to get there, I run toward the pink water. But as I plunge something changes. I seem to be floating up, out of the water…Ring! Ring! Ring! goes my alarm clock. Time to get up!!!!!

-My Inspiration to this poem was “Soft Watch at the Moment of Explosion,” by Salvador Dali.


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