“A Friend” By: Gwen Arbetman

Written by plumtree

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“A Friend”
By: Gwen Arbetman

Right next to me is a friend,
Next to me is always a friend
A friend beside me to comfort me
And make me laugh
A friend to defend me
And to protect me
And to tell me I am pretty
And to watch Mean Girls with for the 30th time
And to laugh at my bad jokes
And to tell me I am pretty
And to be at my house more than theirs
And to bring me up when I’m down
And a friend to sing along to the radio in the car
And to come to concerts with me
And to “run” with me in gym
And to sleepover at my house every weekend
And to sing to me on my birthday when other forgot
And to hear my secrets that my parents don’t know
And to see old Disney movies with
And most of all to care for me
And to believe in me
And t be my best friend
And never let that change


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