Cape Cod–Alexa Crist

Written by plumtree

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“Cape Cod”

Alexa Crist

The sea water leaves the scent of salt floating in the air, as the waves rise and fall in the inexorable tide. On the sandy shore of the Swan Lake Beach of West Dennis, Cape Cod, the water stretches on forever. The sand is like fire on skin. The labyrinth of seaweed creates a limited area for entry. The sound of seagulls seems to echo on endlessly. Activities such as skim boarding and boogie boarding await the incoming beachgoers. The ubiquitous ocean holds a variety of marine life. The ocean’s translucent water reveals images of small fish. The amalgam of seaweed and kicked up sand obscures the view of crabs. These disingenuous crustaceans use their cunning abilities to stay unseen. While on the beach, the scents of sunscreen and sea creatures fill the air. These sights, scents, and sounds that fill the main beach, the private beach on the right, and the entire jetty on the left, start to fade when the day starts to change into night. As the day gets late, the beautiful colors, brought by the sunset, light up the sky. These colors reflect on the shore, as the waves constantly bully the shells when rising up and crashing down on them. The sun disappears into the night, and rests as the moon takes a watch. It sits far above the peaceful beach, as the sun rests to prepare for the next busy day at the beach.


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