Found By: Camille Caldera

Written by plumtree

Topics: Archive (2012-2019), Uncategorized

it was by the park bench
the one with the red swings
and I picked it up.
I was
burning with fever
flushed with the doubt
put into me
but then I picked it up.
it was a cold day
clouds rolled.
I thought I fell down
hit my head
seeing stars.
in a way
it was a star I saw.
only not a comet
no, it was
very much alive
and screaming.
tell the world,
little one
that you burn
a fire that
slays demons
if, if they were real.
courage hidden by flowered wallpaper
lilac flowers.
that’s what it was
lilac flowers
those tiny blooming children.
they would live.
those beautiful souls
whispered my name
confided the secret
and all I wanted
was to say thank you
but instead I said


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