“Haze” By: Miya Jacobs

Written by plumtree

Topics: Archive (2012-2019), Uncategorized

The path of mossy ground nestled
In the fern forest.
The brilliance of the day reflects off of
Leafy green shades,
speckled brown hues and
Shards of piercing sunlight.
The smell of earth fills the air,
Hawthorn, beech, alder, mulberry and chestnut.
There and here a flash of colour:
Pretty bluebells and roses, cardinals, blue birds, kingfishers, macaws.

A gurgling stream lined with willow trees races by,
across its cousins,
the creeks, the rivers and the brooks
It leaves them far behind
yet echoes of their giggles follow

Through a meadow
with honeysuckle vines, tulips and daisies
over a wood filled with
thistle, clover, dandelions,
oak, maple, birch, and aspen.

It’ll go on evermore ‘till it’s
spring again.


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