“Ignite” By: Leopold Bertholet

Written by plumtree

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My torch’s blaze has died away,
The dark has led me far astray.
What to think I do not know;
And yet I stand and breathe and grow.
In the beating of my heart
The strength is but a mild spark;
My flames of life are peeling bark
And yet I burn and leave my mark.
Within the chaos of my soul,
Ice has made my fury cool.
Cold has swept away my vim;
My hopes are small; my chances slim.
And yet my eyes cannot turn blind,
No chill can run far down my spine,
My feet walk straight forward in a line,
And in my thoughts a light still shines!
There is not a shadow that I fear
Nothing do I apprehend;
Because my path is straight and clear,
Because, for me, there is no end.


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