“My Culture” By: Solene Aubert

Written by plumtree

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I love my country,
Where I fly back to see,
The rest of the family,
And what used to be
My home in Paris.

I am French.
Food, with a worldwide reputation,
Revolution, celebrated on Bastille Day,
Elegance, like Dior and Chanel,
Normandy, where Americans brought freedom,
Castles, Versailles and the Loire Valley,
History, centuries of kings and battles.

I enjoy going back to Paris,
Engraved in my heart for eternity,
Filled with all good memories,
With family and friends, being so happy.

I am French.
I think of PARIS as
Perfect, made of details,
Amazing, mixing history and modernity,
Reckless, fashion week, art exhibits,
Interesting, never-ending list of things to see,
Special, the city of love.

French people were born in a cookbook,
But my favorite dish,
Isn’t about the look,
And is definitely not English.

I am French.
I see CREPES, my favorite, as
Colorful, sugar, Nutella, and homemade jams,
Rich, natural ingredients mixed together,
Emblematic, a nation’s favorite,
Parents and grandparents, a gastronomy heritage,
Elementary, jotted on the front page of every family’s cookbook,
Sweet, as my grandmother baking them with the magic in her hands.

In France nothing matters more than vacation,
An invariable pause,
Bringing chaos to the nation,
But always for a good cause!

I am French.
I love VACATION as
Varied, from Normandy to the Mediterranean Sea,
Abundant, two weeks are hardly enough,
Charming, as a café in a little village in Provence,
Adventurous, hiking in the Alps with my uncle,
Tremendous, spending time with my loved ones,
Ideal, like a sunny day in Brittany,
Outstanding, like the Port of St. Tropez,
Necessary, after 10 hard months of school.

French people have this habit,
Of kissing hello and goodbye,
People like it,
And I always wondered why.

I am French.
I consider French HUGS’ as
Harmless, yet intruding your personal space
Unique, every single one is different,
Generous, one kiss is never sufficient.

I am French because of all these things,
Yet there are even more,
So many that you cannot store.


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