“One Bird Still Calls” By: Lilah Katz

Written by Stephano

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Within a sea of silenced songbirds,

One bird still calls.

It has been hushed many times before,

But no one can sink this bird’s spirit.

Birds flutter inside your soul,

For they are dreams.

Some dreams you follow,

Because they will not stop calling.

But if you silence them,

You cannot follow them anymore.

They sink to the bottom of your heart

Until you have pushed them down so far that they are gone.

Only a strong dreamer can keep their birds calling,

Even after so many people have hushed them.

Dr. King chased his bird,

And his legacy is still honored today.

Follow your dreams.

Do not let anyone silence them.

They are special and unique,

Like snowflakes in a storm.

Who knows what will become of your dreams?

There’s only one way to find out.

Follow the song of your heart.


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