“The Day of the Life of an Unpopular Girl” by Ila Ghosh

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The 14-year-old Victoria Fletcher has absolutely no friend until the first day of high school. She is not a bully; in fact, she is benevolent. She is a brunette, has blue eyes, fair skinned, reddish cheeks, weighs 100 pounds, and stands 5’2”. She has perfect 20/20 vision on her left eye; her right eye is a prosthetic eye because she had a bad accident when she was just two or three years old. Due to the same reason, she was put in Special Ed when she was just 3. Since then, she was an easy target for bullies. The resources group she was could not talk well and were known as ‘Weirdoes’. However, one day, things changed tremendously when Victoria was oblivious of how she went from a nobody to a well-liked prep…

On the first day of her freshman year in high school, she woke up a 5:30 am, went to the bathroom, and got ready. She showered, brushed her hair and teeth, puts on shorts and a t-shirt, and applies makeup. She then toasted and ate a pop tart, put her backpack on, tied her shoes, and headed out the door. She then waited on the bus stop and played on her phone. Then, 2 buses came- the regular bus and the Special Ed bus. She saw the popular kids making fun of her but she ignored it and went on the Special Ed bus. Then, when the bus reached Delaware High School, Victoria, scared of the bullies, bolted to a corner until the bell rang. Then, she sprinted to her locker and first period. She had health for first period. Nobody noticed her until a really popular freshman guy named Jeff Duke turned to her and started making fun of her.

“Oh, this girl is so dumb that she can’t even do 1+1! Why is it that way? Have you heard the way she talks? I can barely understand her. V to the I to the C to the K to the Y…”

Jeff rapped on and on about Victoria until an Indian-American girl from the popular group said, “Please, this is like so rude! She might be in resources class, but that doesn’t mean she’s stupid! Please stop!”

Another girl stood up for Victoria and more and more girls stood up for her until the health teacher asked, “What is this?”

One of the populars responded, “Jeff was bullying Vicky by rapping about how ‘dumb’ she was!”

“Mr. Duke, please see me after school. We need to talk about this.”

So, Jeff stayed after school and Victoria starts to befriend the populars. She spent the rest of the day with the populars. About a few months later, she befriends all of the populars and she even throws a big party and starts to date the hottest, most popular guys. Jeff, who was previously popular, now is jealous and raged. Seeing this, he rips his hair off and started to curse under his breath.


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