“Ode to Pegasus” by Stephen Lyons

Written by Stephano

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Pegasus. This creature is needed in novels more often. Most of the time, Pegasus likes to rest which is fine, but there should be more stories about him. This is an ode to you, great flying horse.

Great one, flying across the clouds,

you are a symbol of awe,

removing the shrouds,

from each persons eyes,

The wings spread aloft,

head bowed to see us,

so such a soft,

feeling you spread,

people shout with glee,

waking people from bed,

the more the crowd grows,

the more you want to land,

but knowing that you can’t be seen,

you command,

that your flock hath return,

to their home once more,

the people still overjoyed,

still as crying out as before,

because they still see you,

just as before.


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