“The Rise and Fall of Jonathan Shadowhunter” By Annie Tang

Written by Stephano

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   Before mankind… Before time…… Before… EARTH.


The Ruler of the Galaxies, Equality, and Peace


Long, long ago, out in the galaxy, there were two creatures. One had bright angel like wings, and the other had more of a human like body. When I came and burst through my prison, calling them to me, they stared at me like they were dumb. I told them, “I am Raziel. You two shall be my subjects. You there. Yes, you, the one with, angel wings. Your name shall be Aziel. You will be given the art of weaponry. Use it wisely. Humanoid, you will be named Jonathan Shadowhunter. You will be the peacekeeper of this new world. You will keep balance between demon dimensions and the future mundane world. Now go! Travel to this new world!” Then, I sent him away.


At This New World


I shiver as the ice cold wind and rain pelt me from above. As I walk towards the cave looming above me, the snow shapes into distinct weapons floating in the air. Soon enough, I reach the cave mouth. As I think about that dream I had a few nights ago. That voice. So familiar. But I can’t recall it. That image. Out in the galaxy. A blurry image… of an angel!? I was sent here by that voice. I often get visions and this was probably one of them. Now with all of this commotion at the top of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain from sea level to summit, that dream was DEFINITELY a vision.

Suddenly, all of the weapons shined with a bright light. A figure appeared in front of me holding all twenty of the shining weapons. Just as the figure touched each weapon, the light diminished and a weapon with many engravings on it appeared in a metal not known to Earth. The figure slowly and steadily materialized into the figure in my dreams. As I saw his face, a deep voice spoke in my mind, “You were right to come here. I have in front of me twenty weapons made of a metal only known to be found in the heart of the Universe. However, I am the only one who can reach this metal. In all of these weapons, they have many engravings that will protect them from the elements and rust.”

As I saw him reach into his bag, all the weapons shrunk to my size so I could hold each and every one. Finally, the blurry image pulled what looked like a foldable book made of steel and a leather bound book with the same engravings spelled out on its cover. As I went to pick them up, the blurry figure spoke, “This is steel. You may use it to heal and protect yourself as well as transport yourself and others to a new dimension. This book is called the Gray Book. You will find many useful words to heal yourself to transporting yourself and others to distant, new dimensions. Don’t worry, this book will need no translating. As you read the book, my voice will project the characters in your mind as if you were reading them to yourself. Goodbye now. I am getting tired. We will meet again. Soon. Where the winds blow north and the land is bare. To the first day of no sun and blackness. Meet me there. Take these with you. You will need them…”

I picked up the bag and looked inside. Everything was in there. I looked at the stars and spoke to myself, “I will protect the world. I will gather a group, worthy of the name Shadowhunter. We shall rid this world of its evil and we will make peace with the good. I am Jonathan Shadowhunter, and I shall rid this world of evil!’


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