“Wishes” by Eleanor Taylor

Written by Stephano

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Wishes are delicate things.

They can never seem to make up their minds.

Sometimes they come to pass,

Sometimes they don’t.


They are sly.

They dwell in the depths of sadness and despair,

And no one notices.


They are tricky.

Just when they are about to make themselves known,

They run away,

Never to return.


They are deceiving.

They seem to soothe a burning desire,

Yet time can wear away their importance.


They are heartbreaking.

They come too late,

Or too soon,

If they come at all.


But wishes are good.


They toughen the heart,

And strengthen the soul,

And bring to a face

Permanently creased in a frown,

A smile.


And a smile can change the world.


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