“From Here to There, Universal Craziness” By: Naren Roy

Written by Stephano

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An island—worlds away

In a distant, foreign place.

Its people bob and weave, jiggle and wiggle,

Dancing to the roar of native drums.


All there are involved; not a single soul’s left out.

Everyone joined in one massive throng.


First there was a group of friends.

Then a network of acquaintances-

To an entire community.

Before long, the headstrong spirit of dance

That has a habit of stirring up an uncontrollable will deep inside people,

To let free expression rule,

Had spread ’cross the island like wild fire.


Across raging waters and thrashing oceans,

From one island to another

All over the world

The spirit went demanding universal craziness.


Islands worlds apart from each other,

Yet in one world collectively


All share the single spirit of universal craziness.


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