“Oh no… Homework” by Sophia Modell

Written by Stephano

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When everyone is done with classwork

Is the time that I fear the most

When the teacher walks to my table

and she gives us the homework!


Sometimes it’s one page

Many times it’s three

But when she gives us a whole packet

I am not filled with glee


I ask my friends after school

What is the whole point?

They all just say

You have to do it!  It’s the rule!


The next day I go into my classroom

And I ask my teacher

She just laughs and says

I know you will do it, I assume?


I now don’t know what to do

I ask my parents during dinner time

My father just says

Eat your chicken stew!


I come home from school and my mother asks me

Could you please do some housework?

You know what mother, I tell her.

I think I’ll do my homework!



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